Good Worker


Image Hammer25.jpg
Description You feel like building stuff. Except for the itching sensation that the pleasure isn't your own, nothing could satisfy you more right now than building something.
Hidden Flags Neural Effect
Effects Sometimes after crafting items:
You feel a huge sense of relief having gone out and built some things.


Using a Monday chip.


Chance at 1 Energy or 1 XP Will or nothing while making:
advanced rangefinder, black bandage, black stone knuckles, caffeine powder, cut Nova, dock roll, Eclipse syringe, enhanced firework, gold firework, hand of glory, fuming acid, powerful acid any sushi made from a giant pike, liquified Eclipse, soaked Eclipse, slags roll

(huh mabe it is everything)

Testing strongly implies that, while some 'high-tier' recipes have a chance to give 1 energy or 1 XP Will or nothing, and any of the rest have a chance to give XP or nothing. The fact that all the discovered energy-givers either require 2+ energy of crafting or are composed of hard-to-get materials makes me doubt that just anything can give energy. (liquified Eclipse being the exception I guess. Maybe it's more difficult to get? I got 1 energy from making about a dozen of them)

Everything else gives a chance at 1 XP Will or nothing. (or maybe there's just a much smaller chance at the energy, a la liquified Eclipse?)


Prevents gaining Weapon Adjustments from Family Weaponry skill.

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