Grain Alcohol


Image MasonJar.jpg
Description What do you get when you need cheap and alcoholic? This.
Type Drug
Requires 3 Body
Use You slam a bottle of grain alcohol. Maybe that wasn't the best idea ever.
Multi You slam bottle after bottle of raw grain alcohol. Damn. Just damn.
Effects Grants 10 Energy of No Pain


Drops from: Insane Slasher, Third Eye Ganger
Abandoned Building encounter: Thugs Playing Cards
Midgard Bioresearch encounter: Empty Breakroom
Midgard Laboratory encounters: Addict By Osmosis, A Room from the Vision
Southside Park encounters: Bum Selling Stuff, Loose Brick

Distill out the alcohol of one Whiskey Bottle
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Chemistry Papers
ChemKit25.jpg Whiskey Bottle
= Grain Alcohol


Flavor some Grain Alcohol with a Mislit Apple
Grain Alcohol Mislit Apple
= Apple Rotgut
Dissolve some Tiny Black Pearls in Grain Alcohol
Tiny Black Pearls Grain Alcohol
= Black Liquor
Submerge a Black Pearl in Grain Alcohol
Black Pearl Grain Alcohol
= Black Pearl Sludge
Let a Massive Pearl set in Grain Alcohol
Massive Pearl Grain Alcohol
= Dissolved Pearl
Dissolve a Lake Pearl in Grain Alcohol
lake pearl grain alcohol
= pearl liquor
Store a Mutant Cell Culture in Grain Alcohol
grain alcohol mutant cell culture
= preserved cell culture
Make a healing ointment by dissolving the withered tendrils of a sea creature in grain alcohol
grain alcohol withered tendrils
= tendril ointment
Tooth and Liquor - Strip a Black Shark Tooth in Grain Alcohol
Black Shark Tooth Grain Alcohol
= Shark Tooth and Black Liquor
Tooth and Liquor - Submerge a Pearled Shark Tooth in Grain Alcohol
Pearled Shark Tooth Grain Alcohol
= Shark Tooth and Pearl Liquor
Dissolve Mottled Crystals in Grain Alcohol
Makes ?-4-? Piles
Mottled Crystals Grain Alcohol
= Sulfur
Preserve a Water Worm in Grain Alcohol
Water Worm Grain Alcohol
= Worm Liquor
Finely mix Dry Ice with Grain Alcohol
Dry Ice Grain Alcohol
= Dry Ice Slurry
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Drugs
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