Grande Garbage Can Con Il Topo



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A pile of garbage has been left in the corner here. Except for the strangely malformed rat sitting on top, it looks like a pile of garbage from an artist's studio.

Fragments of canvas and the rotting remains of meals mingle with empty latte cups and broken paint brushes.

Summary of Choices

  1. Join the digging - Take 1-2 damage, Get 2-4 of disturbing canvas, protein bar, paper mache, pep pills, ancient candybar
  2. Attack the rat - Fight Rat King
  3. Meditate in it (If etheric and have Poltergeist Spark) - Learn: 2-3 of Ghoul Bite, Trash Simulacrum
  4. Leave it alone - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Join the digging


The rat… rats, actually, there are way more in the garbage pile… don't seem to take your presence kindly. You get a few warning scratches for your trouble.

On the bright side, you also manage to pull out the lion's share of the valuable garbage.

You take 1-2 damage.

You found: 2-4 of disturbing canvases, protein bars, piles of paper mache, pep pills, ancient candybars

Attack the rat

The rat turns its head towards you and dozens of others spill out to attack you, seemingly driven by one will.

It couldn't just be one rat, oh no.

(Fight Rat King)

Meditate in it


The rats seem content to leave you alone. It takes a while to sink into a meditative state, but you slowly come to understand not only the rats but also this place.

Everything seems strangely transient, but the garbage stuck all over you speaks to a reality as detailed as the one outside, if not more so.

You learned a new Technique: 2-3 of Ghoul Bite, Trash Simulacrum

Leave it alone


You turn your back on the rat. It squeaks. You hope it's just appreciation, but fear it'll attack now that your back is turned.

Your fears seem to be unfounded, though, as you make your way back to the center of the charnel house.

See Walk Away

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