Grateful Guard



Encounter Conditions

Only after completing the Problems on the Docks quest
(Might require the "nice" choice in the Pursued guard encounter, too)
Stops occurring for the day if you attack him (but reappears the next day again).

Initial Text

A security guard waves at you, excitedly trying to get your attention. He's not the one you saved from those things, but he has the same sort of haunted, sleepless look.

He eventually drops his arm and smiles as he approaches you.

Summary of Choices

  1. Let him talk - Gain battered cred chip and a cup of Joe
  2. Charge him - Fight a Dock Security
  3. Ask for Halloween help - Only during Halloween 2010
  4. Wave him off - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Let him talk

He walks up to you excitedly, a rare grin pulling at the corners of his mouth. "Hey, heard you helped us out with those things. Not all the guys believe it, but… thanks."

He passes you a cup of coffee. When you accept the cup, you notice he's holding a cred chip pressed against it.

"Please, take it. You saved all our lives. It's the least I can do."

You found: coffee.jpg cup of Joe

You found: computerchip.jpg battered cred chip

Charge him

The guard looks shocked as you rush him, almost on the verge of tears. He waits until the last moment and reluctantly draws a weapon.

(Triggers Born of Sorrow)

(Fight Dock Security)

Ask for Halloween help

"You want my help? Sure thing. I get off my shift in just a few, I'll head up there and see what I can do."

He gives you a thumbs up and heads off to finish up the rest of his duties.

Wave him off

He nods. "No, it's cool, you're busy, I get it."

"Just come back whenever you get the chance." He wanders off among the crates.

Walk Away

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