Green Glow



Encounter Conditions

Glowing bauble equipped
Fae Sight active

Initial Text

As you make your way through the sewers, one of those green light creatures makes it's way towards you, jingling excitedly. As it approaches, the strange glowing glass you're carrying flickers brightly in the same shade of green.

The floating light zips around you, but pays particular attention to the glass.

Summary of Choices

  1. Give it the glass - Gain skill: Fae Step
  2. Refuse its request - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Give it the glass

The strange light bounces up and down, with a sound like tinkling bells. In the distance, you can hear another, lower, bell like a great gong.

After three strikes of the lower bell, the glass trinket in your hand shatters, releasing another small green light to join the first. The dance around you in what you guess is celebration, then dart off in the direction you heard the deeper bell.

(You lose: glowing bauble)

You've learned a new Skill: Fae Step

Refuse its request

The creature slumps and slowly sinks into the floor.

See Walk Away

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