Ground Zero


Clicking here displays:

This must be where the Event took place that wiped this area off the map. Now its a giant crater with some sort of darkness swirling in the bottom, seeming to devour all light.

Pretty sure it's not safe to go down there.

And, appended below that (If Zack had/has unearthly items waiting for you from before you last reset):

At the lip of the crater, you find a bit of brown paper with a some text scrawled on it. It says 'For <character name>, care of Zack, Mikhail's Diner, Southside.'

And, if you have reset multiple times before looking at Ground Zero:

Peering over the edge you can see a pile of identical papers, then a few more tumbling down into the swirling darkness.

(Zack comments:

It's kind of weird, actually. I know a guy who knows a guy who works in the Slags and he found this package with your name on it next to one of the big craters.

Had instructions to give it to me so I could give it to you and everything. Damnedest thing, huh?)

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