Guard Heading Home



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2010

Initial Text

You see a dock security guard heading back towards the Metros station. If you don't miss your guess, his shift probably just got finished.

Maybe he'll be willing to do a little overtime at the Halloween setup.

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk it over - First time unlocks Offer time and a half?
  2. Offer time and a half - only available after choosing Talk it over?
  3. Threaten him - Fight Dock Security
  4. Beat him down - Fight Dock Security
  5. Leave him -

Choice Text and Results

Talk it over

He gives you an incredulous look. "Really, on campus? The place is usually crawling with Midgard Security. Weird."

"Well, I'm tired as hell, so I'm going home, but if you pay time and a half, I'm sure some of the guys would be up for it. Comes up to about a hundred and twenty credits."

He shakes his head ruefully. "Yeah, ten cred an hour. And we get worked like dogs."

Offer time and a half

"Alright," he nods. "Hell, for time and a half, I won't even rough anybody up that didn't ask for it."

He accepts your credit transfer and heads towards the Metros station.

Threaten him

"Really? Seriously, I'm off duty and everything." He pulls out his riot baton, reluctantly ready to crack your skull off the clock.

(Fight Dock Security)

Beat him down

He screams "what the hell! I'm off duty!" as he prepares to defend himself.

(Fight Dock Security)

Leave him

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