Guard In The Mists



Encounter Conditions

Only during The Missing Artist quest

Initial Text

A man moves warily towards you in a blood-splattered, but apparently undamaged, containment suit. He keeps his needler rifle carefully trained on you although, to his credit, he hasn't actually starting shooting you yet.

It's hard to judge his, or her, emotional state behind the faceplate, but it almost can't be good.

Summary of Choices

  1. Take him out first - fight a Slags Guard (Gate Guard)
  2. Try to talk - fight a Slags Guard (Gate Guard), or (with containment suit equipped)
    1. Jump him - fight a Slags Guard (Gate Guard)
    2. Offer help - fight a Slags Guard (Gate Guard)
    3. Ask why he's here - Find out about S43 in Midgard Laboratory
    4. Ask about the area - Information
    5. Leave him - Walk away
  3. Lure him back as bait (Only with Ghoul Pursuit counter ≥ 1) - Reduces the Ghoul Pursuit
  4. Back away slowly - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Take him out first

He stumbles back as you charge, swinging his needler around to target you. "Damn it! You're another hallucination, aren't you?"

Judging by the needler fire, it was a rhetorical question.
(Fight a Slags Guard (Gate Guard))

Try to talk

Without containment suit:

He shakes his head slowly, drawing his needler. "You know, you seem nice, but it's for the best. The mists… you don't want to see what happens."

"It's a mercy killing, really. Sorry."

(Fight a Slags Guard (Gate Guard))


He lowers his needler. "Wow. I haven't seen anyone else from the team for… hours? Days? I don't even know anymore."

Jump him

He stumbles back as you charge, swinging his needler around to target you. "Damn it! You're another hallucination, aren't you?"

Judging by the needler fire, it was a rhetorical question.

(Fight a Slags Guard (Gate Guard))

Offer help

His laughter rings as a hollow, mechanical sound from behind his mask. "Oh, no, I know better than that! I can't escape, I'll never escape! I won't listen to your lies!"

He interrupts your response with a burst from his needler.

(Fight a Slags Guard (Gate Guard))

Ask why he's here

His voice comes through the helmet as a thin rasp, but still manages to carry years of venom. "You know management. They don't tell us grunts much. Hell, I just found out Sigurd was missing after the security audit. That's right… corporate knew before me. Jerks."

"All I know is that they've got some crazy bastard… S43, I think, whatever that means, back at the main Slags lab. Why that means we're in this hellhole rather than that hellhole… nobody tells us anything."

"Wait… how don't you know this? You're another hallucination aren't you? I'm just talking to myself." He slumps his shoulders in defeat and wanders into the red-lit mists.

Unlocks info about S43 when hacking in the Slags Lab.

Ask about the area

His head tips back, perhaps staring up towards the rafters. "I think… someone must have slipped us something. Maybe put it in the circulation systems of our suit… but… but I saw what happened to people who get exposed, how they change and get hungry."

He shudders hard enough to be visible through the containment suit. "Just stay away from that direction." He points emphatically. "There's this huge lake of fire. I kid you not. The smoke clogs up the filters on these things like nothing…"

"But I dunno. Sometimes I think the street preachers are right and this is hell. I mean… it looks a lot like hell, right? Lake of fire and everything… but why are there rafters?"

He wanders off, staring wordlessly towards the ceiling.

Leave him

You turn to leave him.

As you slip away among the black stone pillars, you can hear his helpless pleas. "C'mon! I… I need… help. Damn it. Damn it! You're another fucking hallucination, aren't you? Aren't you?"

Actually, with the length of time he keeps addressing you, he might actually be hallucinating.

Walk away

Lure him back as bait

It doesn't take much to convince him you've found a way out. He follows you eagerly into the waiting arms of your pursuers.

You're easily able to slip away while they dodge between bursts of needler fire and rip into his containment suit. The sounds of his screams are quickly replaced by tearing flesh and snapping bones.

(Removes 1 from the docks-flags counter)

Back away slowly

You hear him mutter something, almost inaudible as you leave. Your best guess is "goddamned hallucinations."

Walk away

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