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Type Active Defense

Response to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense = 1-2 You batter the Guardian routine, but its shining sides repel your attacks. 1
Offense ≥ 2 and CF ≥ 1d12* You focus your attack on one point, breaking through the Guardian's defenses. 1 Gain 2 XP
(removes routine)
Offense ≥ 3 You batter the Guardian routine into submission. 1 Gain 2 XP
(removes routine)
Command ≥ 1 and Defense ≥ 1 You shield yourself, letting the Guardian routine burn itself out against your defenses. Gain 3 XP
(removes routine)
Command ≥ 1 It doesn't seem to matter which command you use, it's only response is to attack.
View ≥ 1 You look over the routine. You must have ticked somebody off; this routine appears designed to attack intruding systems.

The attacks may not crash a high-end computer, but they can definitely mess up any functions you're loading.
Defense ≥ 1 (no message, aside from normal defense)
Other The Guardian routine seems unphased by your functions.
  • Offense takes priority.
  • Command+Defense takes next priority.
  • Command takes next prority.
  • View takes next priority.
  • Defense takes next priority.
  • Null counts as Other.

* 1d12 = pick a random number between 1 and 12. (need confirmation for exact d)

Active Responses

Each round, you also get:

If Defense ≥ 1

The Guardian routine tries to batter your avatar, but you deflect the attack.

(+1 Unsubtle, possibly more if you used Offense?)

Otherwise, if Hardening ≥ 1

The Guardian routine batters your avatar with pulses of raw data and <deals 1-2 to your system's Hardening> / <takes out the last of your system's Hardening>.

(+1 Unsubtle, possibly more if you used Offense?)

Otherwise, if you have any functions left in your hand

The Guardian routine batters your avatar with pulses of raw data, disrupting <one of your functions>.

(+1 Unsubtle, possibly more if you used Offense?, blocks a random function in hand)


The Guardian routine sends out tiny data probes. It's hard to say for sure, but you think it's trying to find where you'll reconnect from.

(+2 Unsubtle)

Note: if there is more than one Guardian active, each one acts independently and so you can potentially get more than one of the above messages (or the same message more than once), with cumulative Unsubtle increases for each message.


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