Guidance System (Shoreline)

This page documents the drone guidance system for drones found on the tainted shoreline. See Guidance System for disambiguation.


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Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense The guidance system is, perhaps unsurprisingly, quite well protected. A piercing alert ripples through the system at the slightest touch. ?
3+? Offense You crash out the guidance system, then find the entire system going down a moment later. It's almost as though the drone needed that for something. (Disconnect) Shuts down the system, unlocks one instance of Downed Drone on Tainted Shoreline, 2 XP
View This is the drone's guidance system. Buried somewhere under layers of defenses and encryption are the coordinates it's headed for… but the coordinates are down there somewhere, which means you can change them. ?
1-2 Command The guidance system doesn't do what you want, but seems entirely aware of your command. A piercing alert ripples through the system at the slightest touch. ?
3+ Command You overwrite the drone's destination with your coordinates and are rewarded moments later with a package.

<one of the messages and item rewards below>

Relieved of its cargo, the drone switches to return mode, dropping your connection in the process.
(Disconnect) <various below>
The guidance system seems to have its metaphorical hands full steering the drone. ?

Shipment results

Midgard Shipping Drones (MCC, MOF, MS, MSH)

Midgard Shipping drones carry the following items. Midgard Shipping Filtering can be used to filter out other shipment companies and only give Midgard Shipping results.

The shipment is filled with seals, tubes, and polysteel sheets. Checking the invoice, it was actually intended for coordinates somewhere inside the Slags… not so far from here, really.

You found: 2 sets of sealant patches

The shipment is filled with electronics. Each set of circuits is stamped with a note saying it failed quality control, along with a string of numbers that could be a short serial number or a long error code.

You found: 2-4 defective drone parts

The envelopes inside the shipment are clearly labeled interoffice mail, but the contents of those envelopes are unintelligible.

You found: 2-4 interoffice memos or 2-4 Eurasian report

You open the shipment to find a smaller box that says "Support Midgard Scouts — Troop <random number>!" The box itself contains some caramel bars.

Ironically, the caramel bars are made by Zaibatsu.

You found: 4 caramel bar

The shipment isn't clearly labeled, but anyone who's lived in Metroplex for longer than a few days would recognize Midgard Security's supplies.

You found 2-4 of: light armored vest, Midgard cap, gas grenades, gas mask, riot baton

It looks like someone was waiting for a flat of paper. Well, that probably explains why it wasn't high priority.

You found: 10 packs of blank paper

It looks like someone ordered some coffee crystals for their office. Well, now they're your coffee crystals.

You found: 2-4 servings of coffee crystals

NickOTime Drones (NCC, NOT, NT)

NickOTime drones carry the following items. NickOTime Filtering can be used to filter out other shipment companies and only give NickOTime Shipping results.

It contains a mix of electronic parts. They're marked for recycling, but it's possible you can still get some use out of them.

You found 2-3 of: circuit fragments, frayed cable, microcapacitor, optical sensor

It seems to be filled with random bits of metal, mostly nuts and bolts.

You found: 2-3 handfuls of nuts and bolts

It's filled with raw polysteel in the form of small plastic beads.

You found: 2-3 handfuls of polysteel

It's filled with small bags of white powder. Judging by smell, it must be sugar.

You found: 2-3 piles of processed sugar

It's neatly packed with a half-dozen empty polysteel cans. It's not really metal, which is a shame because you could return them for the deposit.

You found: 6 polysteel cans

OmniLunch Drones (OCC, OL, OT, OTL)

OmniLunch drones carry the following items. OmniLunch Filtering can be used to filter out other shipment companies and only give OmniLunch Shipping results.

Apparently some people have drones deliver lattes for them. They must be either very busy or very, very lazy.

You found: lukewarm latte

It looks like the order was for a few bottles of Metros Light. You may never know how people can drink this stuff.

You found: 2-4 bottles of Metros Light

It looks like the order was for a few cans of OmniCola. That's not surprising. People go through this stuff like water.

You found: 2-4 cans of OmniCola

Judging by the shipment, someone's going to be waiting for their Happy Dragon delivery for a long time.

You found: Happy Dragon Meal

The shipment contains a few leathery strips of dried, preserved fish.

You found: 2-4 dried fish

The shipment has a few green gumballs and nothing else. The stuff people order is baffling sometimes.

You found: 4-5 gumballs

The shipment is a small flat of cans covered in plastic wrap.

You found 3-4 of: canned green beans, canned gravy, Instaheat soup

The shipment contains a greasy box filled with fried chicken wings… well… they look sort of like fried chicken wings. You're not actually sure that they were wings… or any part of a chicken. You're fairly sure they were fried, though.

You found: 2-4 dubious chicken wings

And, sometimes:

Looks like they ordered a drink too.

You found 1 of: OmniCola, Metros Light

During Christmas:
It looks like you snagged a shipment of Christmas treats.

You found: 2-4 tiny candy canes

You found: 1-3 tiny gingerbread men

It looks like someone either is gearing up for the holidays really early or really late.

You found 4-5 of: tiny candy canes, tiny gingerbread men

Alliance Drones (A, ACC, ALL, CAL, X, XCC)

Alliance drones carry the following items. Alliance Filtering can be used to filter out other shipment companies and only give Alliance Shipping results.

You open up the shipment to find some ghastly nesting dolls. As you search through them, you eventually find that one hides an eyedropper filled with some luminescent blue liquid.

You found: strange eyedropper

You rip open the shipment to find a box labeled "Little Picasso Paint Set". As promised, it contains a set of brightly colored paints for children.

(Plus, perhaps after you encounter the artist, three line breaks followed by:) You're naturally a bit leery of painting, but this set seems harmless enough.

You found: children's paint set

The shipment contains a few clothing items. You pick out a few that have any hope of fitting you.

You found 2-3 of: all weather coat, corduroys, distressed pants, knit cap, mountaineer pants

You remove the Midgard Customs notice from the box, which explains the contents are candy, not pharmaceuticals.

And then:

You found: 5-6 sugar pills

Or sometimes:

That… doesn't seem to be strictly accurate.

You found: 2-3 sugar pills AND 2-3 of Castor capsule, megavitamin, painkiller, pep pill

You rip open the box to find a book of old fairy tales.

They seem a lot less strange compared to the things you've seen taking Eclipse.*

You found: old fairy tales

* What happens if you have never taken Eclipse? This does seem to be tracked for conduct purposes…

You rip open the box to find a plush, talking doll. As soon as the light touches its eyes it says "Hello! Let's be friends!"

You found: talking doll

As you cut into the box, it springs open! Thankfully, it's not a booby trap, just a sheet of plastic that was rolled tightly in the container.

You doubt you'd be able to get it back in there now that it's flattened out.

You found: sheet of white plastic


The following shipments make up around 25% of Alliance drone deliveries and 5% of NickOTime drone deliveries:

According to the receipt in the flat, it contains some electronics warranty parts.

You found 2-3 of: biomonitor circuit, capacitor array, memory stick, processor chip, signal analysis circuit, thick cabling

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