Hacking At Vines



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

Two staff are staring at a collection of vines, growing inexplicably in the dark, through the concrete floor of the building. They're hacking at it, making some progress, but it seems to be as hardy as its environment would suggest.

Summary of Choices

  1. Tell them to leave - information
  2. Help them out - gain 4 XP Strength, reduces vines?
  3. Scare them off - Fight Downtown Janitor (scare janitors off if you win?) or, with ?-36-? Storage Noise, gain 4 XP Will, increases vines?
  4. Kill them - gain 20 Storage Noise, fight Downtown Janitor), increases vines if you win
  5. Leave them be - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Tell them to leave

One of them shakes his head. "Yeah, we're just gonna let some vines rot out the whole foundation."

Help them out

You hack away at the vines, clearing them with a substantial chunk of work.

You've earned 4 XP in Strength

Scare them off

One of them does scream and run off, while the other exhibits the flip side of "fight or flight," coming after you with a mop like you're some sort of overly curious rodent.

(Fight Downtown Janitor)

And, if you win:
At least neither of them are likely to come back any time soon.

Or, with a certain amount of Storage Noise active (Tested at 36):

With all the noise down here, it's easy to spook them. They run off, making no signs of coming back.

Without them interfering, you can almost see the vines growing, creeping up towards the ceiling.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Kill them

You leap forward, killing one of them in an instant before the other can even react. He does scream, however, the sound carrying through the entire level.

You've gained 20 duration of Storage Noise.

(Fight Downtown Janitor)

And, if you win:
The plant rapidly absorbs the blood splashed on it, growing at an almost visible rate.

Leave them be

They're slowly beating back the vines, but it seems ultimately futile. You can worry about it later.

(Walk Away)

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