Hacking Encounters

Note: This page lists the Novos version of hacking encounters. For the old system, see Pre-Novos Hacking Encounters.

Hacking encounters allow you to hack various computer systems. They are various static computer systems normally accessed from choice encounters, and also randomly-generated University Net sites.

List of Hacking Encounters

Location-based encounters

Hacking Encounter Location Source
Buried Lab Buried Lab Encounter: Surveillance Room: Hack the system
Cyberbowl Promo Backend Using cyberbowl credentials
Dorm Signal Hollow Dorms Signal: juryrigged antenna
Gothic Ruins net Coat of Mysterious Circuitry (any University Net or Shipping Drone Net)
Joytime Products Using JTP Tracking Information
Kumachikun Development Cellar Door Encounter: Arachnid Alcohol: Offer to hack site
MBR Lab Midgard Bioresearch Encounter: Testing Lab: Hack in
Novos Test Server Open Computer Lab Encounter: Open Workstation: Try to hack the system
Midgard Relay Net Dockside Sewers
The Quad
Southside Park
Signal: juryrigged antenna with Relay Search
Novos News Network Using NNN Account
OmniTech BigDig Construction Site Signal: juryrigged antenna
Piecemeal Network 5th Floor Encounter: Two Roads: Check for wireless
or Signal: juryrigged antenna
Shipping Drone Net (randomly generated) Tainted Shoreline
5th Floor
Signal: juryrigged antenna
Slags Lab Midgard Laboratory Encounter: Lab Terminal: Jack in
Speaker Controls Common Room Encounter: Humming Speakers: Jack in
Warehouse Computer Midgard Warehouse Encounter: Supervisor's Office: Hack the computer
Waterfront Scheduling Waterfront Encounter: Security Guard Conspiracy: Eavesdrop
University Net (randomly generated) Open Computer Lab
The Quad
The Happy Hour
VIP Room
Signal: juryrigged antenna
Records Office Network Records Office Signal: juryrigged antenna
Vault Records Records Vault Encounter: Sleeping Vault Terminal: Jack in
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