Hall Of Doors



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You find yourself in a stretch of hall, lined with doors. Despite seeming long abandoned, there seems to be a lot going on behind these doors.

Summary of Choices

  1. The screaming door - Fight spectral patient
  2. The chanting door - Fight Third Eye Sorcerer OR Fight 2 Third Eye Sorcerers and a Twisted Hound
  3. The whispering door - If you have an asylum key (otherwise nothing)
    1. Rush him - Various results - see Whispering Door.
    2. Intimidate him - Various results - see Whispering Door.
    3. Back off - Nothing
  4. The silent door
    1. Open the desk - Get an asylum journal, subsequent attempts get 2-4? old pill bottles and/or an ornate letter opener
    2. Grab some books - First use, get a tome of binding; subsequently get 1-2 books, selected from: Chess for Beginners, The Eye, tome of binding
    3. Search under the desk - Only appears after using the asylum journal Get asylum key or ancient candybar if you already have a key
    4. Reading's for suckers - Nothing
  5. Keep walking - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

The screaming door

You open the door into an empty room. As you glance around, looking for the source of the screaming, mist pours from under the walls and coalesces into the shape of a man.
(Fight a spectral patient)

The chanting door

You open the door and the chanting stops suddenly as one of the men inside looks towards you. Blue energy, like lightning, rips through his body, leaving him a smoking husk.

His companion tears his eyes away and extends his hand towards you.

(Fight a Third Eye Sorcerer)


As you open the door, the chanting winds down. A beast crackles into existence between two Third Eye members, both of whom seem delighted to see you.

(Fight 2 Third Eye Sorcerers and a Twisted Hound)

The whispering door

(Without an asylum key)

Creeping closer, you can almost make out the whispers. You try the handle, but the door is firmly locked. The lock looks like it would take one of those old-fashioned metal keys.

(With an asylum key)

(See Whispering Door)

The silent door


You head in to the quiet room. It appears to have been a library once, although everything's covered under a thick layer of dust now.

The room is lined with bookcases and an ancient wooden desk sits at the center.

Open the desk

(First time)

You pop open the drawer on the desk. The space is dominated by a thick book filled with cramped handwriting.

It seems to be a journal from one of the doctors or administrators when this was an operating asylum. You take it, in case it comes in handy.

You found: asylum journal


You open the desk drawer, exposing yourself to a massive cloud of dust. Hidden beneath the dust are an expanse of pill bottles.

With a quick check you find some that aren't empty and snag them for later.

You found: ornate letter opener (sometimes)

You found: 2-4 old pill bottles

Grab some books


You grab a particularly interesting looking book and head back into the hall.

You found: tome of binding

Or, other times:

You reach out and grab a couple books before returning to the hall.

You found: 1-2 of Chess for Beginners, The Eye, tome of binding (duplicates possible)

Search under the desk

(First time)


You pat the underside of the table until you find a well-hidden key. With a sharp tug, you dislodge the ancient tape holding it there.

Looks just about right for that door you ran into a ways back.

You found: asylum key



You root around under the desk and come up empty except for a near-petrified candy bar. Guess they only hid one key down there.

You found: ancient candybar

Reading's for suckers

You go back to wandering the halls looking for trouble.

See Walk Away

Keep walking

You go back to wandering the halls looking for trouble.

See Walk Away


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