Hall Of Paintings (Halloween 2013)

The following encounters were added to the Hall of Paintings during Halloween 2013 party. Additionally, the regular Hall of Paintings encounters also could be encountered.

Lead up

Sketching student — Only if you haven't attacked her today.

  1. Make small talk
  2. Ask about paintings
  3. Ask about statues
  4. Ask about Eclipse
  5. Show unnecessary violence
  6. Leave her be

October 31st Party

On first entering:


The lobby of the museum is a massive hall, filled with a maze of cobwebbed stones for Halloween. From somewhere in the distance, you can hear the basso roar of a terrible hunter.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
Eclipse.jpg rexzombie.jpg
As you wander through the exhibits, a boring landscape unfolds, revealing a monstrous skeleton. Its roar echoes through your body as other partygoers scatter.

You take a moment to be glad it's just an animatronic prop… until it takes a step forward, cracking the museum's tile underfoot.

or, with Dripping with Gore, or perhaps a Blood effect?:
As you wander through the maze, a footstep reverberates through the hall, followed by another. You turn to see a dinosaur skeleton, scraping the ceiling… and not listening to the sixty-five million years of extinction telling it to stay put.

It raises its skeletal nose to sniff the air, then roars and charges. Oh God, it can smell blood.

You've gained 20 duration of rexhead.jpg Primeval Terror.

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Broken Door
coffee.jpg Prehistoric Horror Gain 20 energy of Primeval Terror

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Criss-crossing Foam

  1. Think you way through
  2. Barge your way through
  3. Cut your way through (only with a sword weapon or knife weapon equipped)
  4. Investigate the webs
  5. Wander aimlessly

Grand Halloween Staircase

  1. Peek up
  2. Head upstairs
  3. Stay down here
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