Halloween 2011


October 7th

New encounter on the The Quad
New Halloween options became available for the Horrible Poet, Insulting Punk, Happy Art Student, Slimy Man and Student Selling Books.
Teaser if you click on the Dorms

October 11th

Another new encounter on The Quad
A new contact to take your hard-looted credits at a special NPC store, Halloween Fundraisers

October 15th

The Emerald Gift was fully funded.

October 16th

New encounter at the dorms: Lady with Clipboard

October 18th

Vholes Piper received this message, because he was the first to bow to the avatar of flame:

A Message - New
From: Unknown Sender (System)
Sent: 2011-10-18 00:00:01
The message contained nothing, save for a strange file.

You found: amorphous hologram

The Abandoned Subway suddenly became filled with long-dead ghosts and stranger things.

October 19th

Everyone else who bowed to the avatar of flame also received holograms (Happy Yeti and Razielsonofkain, add your name here if you also got one).

October 25th

The Basement Ballroom is open once more!
Turtle Transformation Serum Encounter on the quad.

October 26th

Janet starts showing up in the ballroom. History of Optics is now available. Players scramble to assemble and donate laser projectors, holographic projectors, and money towards the new laser fund (and eventually succeed).

October 27th

Labyrinth building began. Once it's more complete, players have a chance to map out the maze in advance of the party.

October 30th, midday

Swirling portals start appearing, but were closed.

October 31th

Halloween Maze and the Halloween Party open.


Halloween Teardown


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