Halloween 2012


October 10th

New message for visiting the Art Museum at Metroplex U.

October 18th

The Happy Art Student had some complaints about the direction of the Halloween party this year.
Watson Jr. revealed some secrets about what Midgard has been up to since the last party.
Dave the poet continued to aggressively recite poetry, but at least it was sort of about Halloween.
Jess mentioned that she's in charge of the Halloween party this year, and is trying to get permission to hold it in the Art Museum.
Andrea reflected on how busy she is, and how long her dissertation is taking.
And the punks continued to be angry about everything.

October 21st

Jess started handing out Halloween museum petitions, or seeking people out to hand them over in the Halloween Petition encounter on the Quad. The Happy Art Student, meanwhile, began handing out his own Halloween counterpetitions, trying to get the party to be held in the usual ballroom. Petition options opened up with the Insulting Punk and in The Happy Hour with the people dancing.

From the 21st to the ???, you can petition the pop dancers and hipsters to sign one of the petitions, once per day. Shakedown in the quad also provides some petitions, with diminishing returns.

October 22nd

People who helped get the Halloween counterpetition signed were randomly picked to get a message (just Mag the first day, 2 people on the 23rd, etc.):

Subject: Halloween, yeah!
From: Committee for a More Awesome Halloween (System)
Sent: 2012-10-22 00:00:01
Thank you for helping get this petition rolling. The Dorms are far cooler, no doubt.

That said, we were able to scare up some tickets, so enjoy this one either way. You earned it.

You found: cryptic Halloween ticket

You found: bat paperweight

People who helped get the Halloween museum petition signed were randomly picked to get a message (one unknown person on the 22nd?, 2 people on the 23rd, etc.):

Subject: See you on Halloween!
From: Event Committee (System)
Sent: 2012-10-23 00:00:00
You are the lucky winner of one of the early tickets to (hopefully) visit the art museum on Halloween. See you there!

Halloween Event Committee

You found: cryptic Halloween ticket

You found: art museum ribbon

October 26th

Jess the fundraiser noncombat on the quad and she starts her fundraiser campaign for the museum.

October 28th

Halloween Break-in noncombat in the Happy Hour.
~6 PM: Museum Punch Delivery, Museum Candy Delivery and Sky Candy encounters on the quad, if you've agreed to help.

October 31st

Hall of Paintings opens up, along with a bunch of halloween-specific encounters (see Hall of Paintings (Halloween 2012)).
Amused Raver encounter in the VIP room.


November 1st

Halloween Museum Cleanup at the Art Museum.
The Art Museum remains open.
The Smoking Pit continues to be unstable.

November 2nd

Rescue operations commence in the Collapsed Dorm

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