Halloween 2013

Halloween is a reoccurring holiday.

October 18

October 20th

The Dorms message changes slightly.

The Happy Art Student, the art student in the museum, Andrea, the punks, Arthur J and Jess start talking about this year's Halloween

October 21st

Everyone(?) got the following message from Kinak:

Trick or Treat - New
From: Kinak (System)
Sent: 2013-10-21 00:00:03

I'm not really sure if I've been Tricking people the last five years calling Metroplexity an Early Beta, but I'm going to give everyone a Treat now that I'm stopping. I've decided to call it Developing now, which seems closer to the truth.

And, since it feels weird to hit a milestone without giving everybody sweets, here's some candy! I hope you're all looking forward to Metroplexity's fifth All Hallow's Eve.


You found: 5 candy grab bags

Main Event

  • Oct 23 - The Hollow Dorms open up, if you are wearing an appropriate disguise.
  • Oct 23 - The Insulting Punk wonders about how people are getting in.
  • Oct 23, ~6:00pm UTC - the Section Of Wall is built up enough to show the scaffolding message instead of bricks.
  • Oct 23, ~7:00pm UTC - the Security Cameras are built up enough to show some video.
  • Oct 24, ~2:00am UTC - the Security Cameras are more or less in place.
  • Oct 24, ~2:30am UTC - they start bringing in "workers and a hazardous materials team"
  • Oct 24, ~3:30am UTC - the Security Cameras reveal a blast-door ant nest.
  • Oct 25, ~4:00am UTC - the Security Cameras reveal a blast-door, no longer swarming like ants, just swarming.
  • Oct 25, ~5:00am UTC - they start bringing in "workers, more security officers, and a hazardous materials team"
  • Oct 27 - Jess starts fundraising for the second floor, Sketching student shows up in the art museum.
  • Oct 28 - Stairway to Heaven choice encounter appears in the Hollow Dorms.
  • Oct 28, ~3:00pm UTC - the Security Cameras show just a few drones around the blast door.
  • Oct 28 - Some kind of Sky Candy-like encounter shows up on the Quad if you have a treat bucket equipped. (needs confirmation)
  • Oct 29 - Punk Ambush and Open Blast Doors show up, which lead to a bunch of other stuff.
  • Oct 29/30 - We franticly add a bunch of lasers.
  • Oct 30, ~1:30am UTC - Everyone chipped in and added 128 lasers to the big machine. Now working, unknown purpose.
  • Oct 30, ~3:00am UTC - Burning specter shows up in Hollow Dorms.
  • Oct 31:
  • Nov 1 - The dorms close, everyone gets Halloween 2013 Rewards

(Note: times above are more or less when certain encounters are first noticed, they may have been unlocked earlier.)

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