Halloween 2015

Halloween is a reoccurring holiday.

October 21

October 24

October 25

Subject: Halloween Badges!
From: Jess (Contact)
Sent: 2015-10-25 00:16:14
Hey! We have a couple extra IDs to get into the party this Halloween and you won the raffle!


You found: records Halloween ID

October 26

Midgard Records opened up access to the Party Floor for folks with a Midgard records ID or records Halloween ID. Art students, punks and Omega alumni all push for their vision of what the party should be. Hired security attempt to keep people from spiking the punch with Eclipse.

October 31

The party starts! Security's attempts at keeping the punch clean did not go well. People very quickly started sensing a strange atmosphere to the party, and then attendees started turning into ghouls and other monsters. The party quickly transformed into a hellscape of meat and chains, from which players could attempt to rescue other partygoers.

November 1

Midgard blamed the violence on anti-corporate terrorists, and security directed players to Lattes! to pick up their participation rewards. Aftereffects of the party leaked into the Records Office, resulting in several new encounters.

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