Halloween 2017

Halloween is a reoccurring holiday.

October 21

Various NPC's have hints at Halloween

You manage to distract him from his talk of "ten credits" and change the topic to Halloween. He seems… conflicted.

"I'm always excited about Halloween, but they keep moving the site. Can't it just come back here to the museum?"

He nods, "yeah, we got the news that it's going to be off campus. Apparently Midgard doesn't know how to party… or don't like performance art."

He gives a bit of a scowl. "Looks like Midgard wants this even closer to home. I heard they're bringing it right downtown. Might as well put it in a lab beneath their headquarters."

"Well, I have to work on my dissertation. It's taking long enough without me taking breaks."

"But, even if I didn't, I'd stay away from wherever they're holding Halloween. Some of the new students don't seem to realize, but… well, I won't say it's cursed, but only so many awful things can happen on Halloween before everyone notices the pattern."

She pauses for a moment before whispering "it seems like even Midgard figured it out, right? Hopefully it's okay this year."

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, it's getting to be time for the big event." He shrugs and kicks back his over/under.

"Midgard and the University are playing hot potato. Neither of them want it on their premises, so they're both suggesting it be held at a rented site."

"Midgard's still neck deep in Halloween. They've asked," he pauses to slam an over/under to add even more emphasis to the word, "the students to move the festivities downtown."

"They're trying to reduce the variables, but they also aren't going to bring it into their offices again… it's probably going to be a mess. They're blocking out students as much as they can, which might help."

"But," he taps the empty shotglass back and forth like a bored cat, "it goes clear up to the executive suites. I don't trust the rumors, but people are saying they've even got board members leaning in on this."

Her smile falters for a moment, then drops completely. "I got named Event Coordinator again this year, but Midgard and the museum staff aren't exactly returning my calls."

"Well, that's not fair. Midgard has helped us find a site we can do some work in. I was angling for one of the ballrooms in Silver Towers downtown last year, but I got turned down. This time, we've got it… now we just have to afford it and see if we can decorate it enough to appease the Silvers."

"And they don't want students onsite until the day of, but hopefully some of our off-campus friends can help a bit."

"I was actually pushing for it to move back here, but it's out of my hands."

"But I'm still glad I don't have to clean up afterwards again." She shakes her head. "Streamers everywhere."

You ask one of the guards about Halloween. He nods grimly. "It's not here this year, thank God. That means they can all turn right around and go back to pick up some Lattes! or whatever kids do now."

There's a faint electronic crackle as it begins to speak. "Ahhhh, Halloween, the one night a year we can reveal our true forms."

"Well, I'd like to say that. But it's more like the one night a year all the poseurs come out. The rich, not you-and-I rich, but Silver Towers rich, they'll swap out their cyberlimbs for something a little more festive."

A sound plays, reminiscent of a heavy exhalation of breath. "It could be beautiful, but it's just always so commercialized."

  • When trying to head topside in Downtown

Man, even the roads are closed. This is going to make everyone's commute hell tomorrow.

Hopefully they have it open before Halloween.

October 24

Jess begins fundraising for this year's Halloween party.
Downtown becomes available, but no buildings are currently implemented except for Lattes!.
The High Altitude Drones on the 5th Floor of the damaged buildings start shipping halloween supplies, including:

October 27

Negotiations are finished on getting the room for the party, but more money is needed to get in for early prep.

October 28

The Banquet Room in the Silver Tower Lobby opens up.

October 31

The Haunted Forest in Silver Towers is open.

November 1

Various rewards are given out at the Lattes! shop.

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