Halloween 2018 Rewards
Condition Message Rewards
Always The woman at the front desk looks up towards you. "I think you're on the list the students gave us" and heads into the back room.
For helping with the setup "The other volunteers left this for you." You found: x gummy beetles
For helping with building the most "And a little something extra as well, you must have impressed someone." You found: honorary hardhat
For helping to push moving apples? "And some of the guests as well." You found: x gummy worms
For killing enough residents? "And… let's pretend I didn't see this." You found: decorated werewolf claw
For helping the Endlessly Reflected Student through the maze "Somebody found this when they were taking down all the mirrors. Hopefully it's yours." You found: hunter costume hat
For donating? "And a girl dressed as a pirate wanted to give you something special." You found: retro fundraising ribbon
For donating even more? "And a girl dressed as a pirate wanted you to have this ribbon and, I guess, a piece of a costume you left?" You found: witch's broom

You found: retro fundraising ribbon
Always? "And there's apparently some candy leftover, so help yourself." You found: x of candy corn, peanut butter candy, mellow pumpkin, candy eyeball, pumpkin lollipop, retro candy bowl


You've earned the following 2018 Titles: ", Builder of Halloween", " the Bat Whisperer", ", Funder of Halloween"
(Reigning Titles are available until someone new takes the title)

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