Halloween 2019 Rewards
Condition Message Rewards
Always The woman at the front desk glares towards you. "Amazing how much of a mess you kids made" and heads into the back room.
For helping with the setup "The other kids left this for you." You found: x chocolate spiders
For helping with building the most "And a little something extra as well. I've filed enough police reports for the day, just put it away." You found: gnawed hammer
For helping with ??? "And we got a delivery from someone over at Midgard. How'd the hell'd you score this?" You found: x bottles of SD6 wine
For ??? "And whatever this is. Paperweight maybe?" You found: crystal face (With some condition)
You found: refined crystal (With some other condition)
For donating ? "And that Jess girl wanted you to have this ribbon and, I guess, a piece of a costume you left?" You found: witch's robes

You found: spidery ribbon
Always? "People were also apparently too busy fighting to eat all the candy, so help yourself." You found: x of candy corn, peanut butter candy, candy eyeball, candy fly, crunchy spider
You found: spidery candy bowl


You've earned the following 2019 Titles: <see below>
(Reigning Titles are available until someone new takes the title)

Condition Title
Most work toward building? Builder of Halloween
Most help to guards? Protector of Halloween
??? Fire of Halloween
??? Hunter of Halloween
??? Treasure of Halloween
??? Ruler of Halloween
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