Halloween 2020

Halloween is a reoccurring holiday.

October 21st

Various NPCs have hints about Halloween:

You manage to distract him from his talk of "ten credits" and change the topic to Halloween. He breaks out into a grin, then suppresses it a moment later.

"We're not sure who's going to be running the show, I'm just glad it's not me… and even more glad it's not Midgard. I don't think it's going to be a giant frat party, but I'll take that over a weapon showcase on my favorite holiday."

He nods, carefully preventing any expression of happiness from twisting the corners of his mouth, but failing to conceal the sparkle in his eyes. "I heard, long before I came here, that there were Halloweens without Midgard having their hands in everything."

"It sounds like the Omegas are trying to get their kegger sponsored by the school, but they don't have a chance. I think we're gonna get something really out there."

"Fuck yes, that's all I gotta say."

He continues regardless. "Midgard backed out at the last minute and we're finally going to be able to show the school what a real party looks like. Fuck the corporations, get some cyberware, and party like motherfuckers!"

"Well, I have to work on my dissertation. It's taking long enough without me taking breaks."

"But, even if I didn't, I've heard the students running it aren't… entirely reliable. I mean, they're probably not letting the Omegas do it, but spending every day in a literal chemical wasteland apparently isn't punk enough for these kids."

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, it's getting to be time for the big event." He shrugs and kicks back his over/under.

"Midgard pulled out pretty suddenly, so the ra… scavenge… other forces are jumping in. I heard it was down to the President of the Omegas and some cute punk girl to run things."

"Huge surprise how that played out," he layers the sarcasm on thickly enough it feels like a physical presence.

"Well, Midgard's true colors are on display, even if nobody realizes it." He sips off the top of his over/under.

"They've had their noses in Halloween for years now, but Zaibatsu wants to have a look around and where are they? Poof!"

"Ehhhhh," he finishes off the drink, "I know they're trying to keep their hand close to their chest, not make it obvious what they've been up to. But it feels more frightened than cunning."

Her smile brightens further. "I finally managed to get out from under the Event Coordinator shackles. There were a couple of volunteers and the voting should have wrapped up already."

"Anyway, I can't officially say who's going to replace me, but I can officially say it's not going to be me!"

She thrusts a fist up towards the heavens. "I'll hang up my pirate hat and graduate someday!"

Or, a couple days later:

"Ha ha! Nope, not this year!"

"I wanted to step down, again, and they actually named a new coordinator this time!"

"Anyway, you should talk to Yvonne, she seems nice." Your comm beeps with an incoming contact.

(Gain Yvonne as a contact if you don't have her yet?)

"I was still pushing for it to move back here, but it's out of my hands."

"But I'm still glad I don't have to clean up afterwards again." She shakes her head. "Streamers everywhere."

You ask one of the guards about Halloween. He nods grimly. "It's not here this year, thank God. That means they can all turn right around and go back to pick up some Lattes! or whatever kids do now."

There's a faint electronic crackle as it begins to speak. "Ahhhh, Halloween, the one night a year we can reveal our true forms."

"Too commercial. Too commercial indeed. I say that, but I've… well, hopefully I'll have a nice surprise this year."

October 24th

Yvonne begins fundraising for this year's party. She can be found on the quad.

October 29th

Setup begins in the Parking Garage, under Downtown. Possible variables tracked include:

October 31st

The party begins in the Parking Graveyard.

November 1st

Halloween 2020 Rewards are distributed at the Parking Garage under Downtown.

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