Halloween 2022

Halloween is a reoccurring holiday.

October 21st

Various NPCs have hints about Halloween:

You manage to distract him from his talk of "ten credits" and change the topic to Halloween. He breaks out into a grin, then suppresses it a moment later.

"Last couple years were pretty metal, not that I like metal, but it's better than just letting Midgard run everything. Hopefully this year lives up."

He nods, carefully preventing any expression of happiness from twisting the corners of his mouth, but failing to conceal the sparkle in his eyes. "As long as we can keep the Corps out of this, it sounds like we can have a pretty good time. Seems like we're begging them to bust in, though."

"Fuck yes, that's all I gotta say."

He continues regardless. "No school, no sponsors, just a little breaking and entering. Fuck yes."

"Well, I have to work on my dissertation. It's taking long enough without me taking breaks."

"Nobody interested in worms this year, which isn't too surprising."

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, it's getting to be time for the big event." He shrugs and kicks back his over/under.

"Hopefully they won't collapse any buildings this year. Or… well, yeah."

"They're playing with fire. Setting up a party in an old garage is one thing, but it sounds like Yvonne wants to sneak into Midgard's guts for the party." He sips off the top of his over/under.

"Even without too much oversight, that's just absurd."

"Ehhhhh," he finishes off the drink, "well, if they pull it off, Midgard probably wanted them to. So no stress."

Her smile brightens further. "Things seemed to go fine last few years without me!"

She thrusts a fist up towards the heavens. "I've hung up my pirate hat and will definitely graduate someday!"

"I was still pushing for it to move back here, but it's out of my hands."

"But I'm still glad I don't have to clean up afterwards again." She shakes her head. "Streamers everywhere."

You ask one of the guards about Halloween. He nods grimly. "It's not here this year, thank God. That means they can all turn right around and go back to pick up some Lattes! or whatever kids do now."

There's a faint electronic crackle as it begins to speak. "Ahhhh, Halloween, the one night a year we can reveal our true forms."

"Too commercial. Too commercial indeed. I say that, but I've… well, hopefully I'll have a nice surprise this year."

October 25th

Fundraising begins with Yvonne.

October 28th

Party setup begins in Maintenance Storage

October 31st

The party begins in Maintenance Storage.

November 1st

Halloween 2022 Rewards are distributed at Silver Towers

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