Halloween 2022 Rewards
Condition Message Rewards
Always A woman at the front desk flags you down as you enter the building. "Package for you," she explains.
For helping with the setup "They left this for you." You found: x spun sugar bones
For helping enough to build the animatronics?? (guessing based on what this was rewarded for past Halloweens) "This too. No idea what that's about, figured you'd know." You found: commemorative mop
For helping with the mad science lab/dragon/ghoul choices? "And whatever's going on here." You found: dragon mask (for dragon)
You found: chained Halloween mask (for ghoul)
You found: refined glasses (for mad science)
You found: vine bracelet (for vines)
For donating? "And that Yvonne girl wanted to give you this." You found: clean pumpkin ribbon
For being a top donator? "And that Yvonne girl wanted you to have this ribbon and, I guess, a piece of a costume you left?" You found: clean pumpkin ribbon

You found: skeleton shirt
Always? "Some candy here too." You found: x of boozy bone, candy corn, peanut butter candy, candy eyeball, gummy scarab, and 1 candy storage bowl


You've earned the following 2022 Titles: <see below>
(Reigning Titles are available until someone new takes the title)

Condition Title
(has been seen in previous halloweens, maybe top contributor?) Ruler of Halloween
Be the top funder of one of the categories of donations Funder of Halloween
Adding the most clay horses to the fountain? Rider of Halloween
Adding the most clay mushroom to the fountain? Farmer of Halloween
Adding the most clay worm to the fountain? Devourer of Halloween
Adding the most clay fairies to the fountain? Explorer of Halloween
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