Halloween 2023 Rewards

Given out at the Silver Towers at the end of Halloween 2023:

Condition Message Rewards
Always A woman at the front desk flags you down as you enter the building. "Package for you," she explains.
For helping with the setup "They left this for you." You found: x candy webs
For helping a lot with the setup? "This too. No idea what that's about, figured you'd know." You found: commemorative headset
For helping with the decorations? "And whatever's going on here." You found: coal focus (for helping build the ghost train gate?)
You found: ferry staff (for leaving lots of coins?)
You found: gleaming fang (for ?? (chains?))
For donating a lot? "And that Yvonne girl wanted to give you this." You found: translucent pumpkin ribbon
For being a top donator? "And that Yvonne girl wanted you to have this ribbon and, I guess, a piece of a costume you left?" You found: translucent pumpkin ribbon

You found: costume saber
Always? She drops a handful of candy on the counter. You found: x of licorice spider, peanut butter bat, candy corn, peanut butter candy, candy eyeball, and 1 sales candy bowl
Sometimes? After checking a box behind the counter, she adds some wine as well. You found: x of contraband wine
For boarding the ghost train (and sending it back into the mists?) "Ah! One last thing!" She hands you an old hat, passing it on with a strange sense of reverence. You found: retro conductor hat


You've earned the following 2023 Titles: <see below>
(Reigning Titles are available until someone new takes the title)

Condition Title
Killing a lot of people at the party? (Happy Yeti, Argeth, Erenoth) , Reaper of Halloween
?? (Happy Yeti) , Devourer of Halloween
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