Halloween Candy Drive



Encounter Conditions

Started October 10th, during Halloween 2010
Can be etheric or sober.

Initial Text

A strangely sly-looking student in stylishly disheveled clothes slides up to you on the Quad. "Hey, want some candy?"

"I mean… er, not in the creepy way. I'm selling candy to raise money for Halloween."

Summary of Choices

  1. What's going on? - something happens
  2. Sure, I'll take one - this section can just be copied from the location page
  3. I'll have three - something happens
  4. How's ten sound? - something happens
  5. Make him buy yours - with Midgard candy poppers in inventory, maybe some other trigger?
  6. Attack him - something happens
  7. Make excuses - something happens

Choice Text and Results

What's going on?

He looks at you incredulously for a second. "Seriously, check your messages. They sent a school-wide shout about the contest."

He pauses for a second, as though waiting for you to tell him you're joking. "Whoever sells the most candy gets early tickets to see Emerald Gift on Halloween! Tell me that isn't the coolest thing ever."

"Anyway, even though I can only afford one bucket at a time, as long as I keep selling them for 25 credits a piece, I'm golden! Assuming I don't need a new pair of sandals from walking back and forth to the bookstore constantly."

Sure, I'll take one

He accepts payment, then hands you a tiny candybar in a black and green wrapper. "Done and done."
You found: Midgard candy popper

I'll have three

He flashes his best salesman grin. To be honest, it's not very impressive, but seeing one of these hipsters trying is kind of novel by itself.

He accepts the payment and hands over three tiny candy bars. "Nice doing business with ya!"

You found: 3 Midgard candy poppers

How's ten sound?

"Ten? Rock the hell on! That clears me out."

He gleefully accepts payment and hands you a pile of tiny candy bars.

You found: 10 Midgard candy poppers

Make him buy yours

He's so intimidated he's shaking, but he holds his ground. Eventually he snaps and runs away.

Wow, that kid must really want to see the Emerald Gift.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Attack him

You jump him suddenly. He stumbles back, dropping tiny candybars as he goes.

Fight hipster.

Make excuses

You shrug and tell him you don't have any money. He narrows his eyes suspiciously, but leaves you alone.

See Walk Away

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