Halloween Decals

One kind of Halloween decals are available each year, 2011 onward.

Having at least one kind of each decal increase the effect of Halloween-related dwellings that give Halloween Spirit by 5 turns, up to a maximum of 30. Having multiple copies of each decal does not seem to have any effect other than changing the message below.

Decals are not lost on reset.

So far, halloween decals include:

Housing affected by this includes:

You get a special message for using these, as follows:

<Number> glowing skeletons, <number> glowing spiders, <number> of crazed jack o' lanterns, <number> slithering serpents, <number> brutish jack o' lanterns, <number> skeletal ravens, <number> crawling beetles, <number> of prowling wolves, and <number> haughty jack o' lanterns, <number> of robots and <number> of fluttering moths and a <number> of creeping vines hover above your head and a <number> of ghosts hover above your head, making it even spookier.

# Number
1 a
2 a pair of
3 a trio of
4 a quartet of
5 a quintet of
6 a sextet of
7 a septet of
8 a octet of
9 nine
10-11 a pack of
12 a dozen
13 a full thirteen
14-16 a pack of
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