Halloween Maze


Combat Encounters

Opponent Text Notes
Undead Tyrant As you go through the maze, a nearby wall bursts open, revealing a vast skeleton rushing towards you. Its roar leaves you transfixed as your conscious mind tries desperately to come up with an appropriate response to being attacked by a zombie dinosaur.

Probably running. Yeah, running sounds good, especially with as small as these tunnels are.

You've gained 20 energy of Primeval Terror.
Etheric only
Skeletal Arms Wandering through the maze, you come across a tombstone. It says something on it, but it's pretty faint. Ah, "<player name> Lies Here. Rest in Peace."

A skeletal limb bursts out from beneath the loose earth, grabbing your leg. AH!

In moments, it's joined by two more, clawing at you and trying to tear away your life.
Etheric only
Werewolf Your howl is returned again, closer this time, as a massive creature pounces at you from the shadows. (I was not etheric; presumably have to howl

Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Results Notes
Mambo Dogface to the Banana Patch Gain 20 Energy of Halloween Spirit Only while not Etheric?
Nonsensical Encounter Names Are A Bit Annoying, What? Gain 20 Energy of Primeval Terror Only while not Etheric?

Choice Encounters

Colorless Green Thoughts Sleep Furiously

  1. Push through -
  2. Search for treats -
  3. Howl in the darkness -
  4. Wander aimlessly -

Nurse in need

  1. Try to help
  2. Misdirect her
  3. Attack her
  4. Back away
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