Halloween Party 2009


Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
Among the panicked crowd, you find a wolf creature hunched over the dismembered remains of a student. Blood coats its muzzle as it looks up at you.

A strange flicker of understanding passes between you… the thing isn't even hungry. A moment later it howls and charges to the attack.
Can be fought multiple times, but goes away once killed for good. No etheric required.
As you make your way through the party lit by green flames, you find your path barred by a crazed student… although on closer inspection, you doubt many students have fangs that gleam so menacingly in the firelight. Can only be killed once. No etheric required.
As you make your way across the panicked party, a massive bat lands on a nearby table with a loud thud. The bat bares its fangs, hissing at you in a way that almost resembles speech.

Before you have much time to consider the thing's origin, it lunges at you with one sweep of its powerful wings.
One per student left alone in Winged Tornado choice encounter. No etheric required.
A strange chill sets in over the panicked crowd, drawing their attention towards you. No, they're looking right… above you.

You glance up just in time to see the skeleton swoop down, claws extended. Several people scream and one man collapses, although you can't say whether it's a fainting spell or just the cold.
No etheric required.
You hear the distant sound of glass shattering. In the distance, a window gapes open with the campus lights streaming through.

The yellow light reveals a stream of hundreds of bats, flying and shrieking. Ignoring the masses of students, neither interested nor frightened, they pour towards you.
tempted to let them catch me so I can become a bat thing…
A skeleton drops from the ceiling, swooping down towards you as though guided by some dark, unerring will. You faintly hear someone screaming as the skeleton's chill sets into your bones.

Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
coffee.jpg Skeleton Scare 10 energy of Halloween Spirit, 4 Will XP
Vampiress in Costume 3 Perception XP or caramel apple Only if you helped the party organizers?
Werewolf in Costume candy corn, peanut butter candy Only if you helped the frats?
coffee.jpg? Betogad Protester Someone fails to warn everyone the punch is spiked with eclipse One time only
coffee.jpg Welcome to the Grand Experiment VIP room girl talks about the party, mentions 'guests of honor' Only if you got her note?
Fiery Transformation Betogad protester sets fire to everyone. o.0 only after Betogad Protester
A Taste of His Own Medicine gain 5 marshmallow bats only if you talked to the art student about Halloween?

Choice Encounters

Prowling Punks

  1. Stop to chat - Gain 2 XP Perception and Will
  2. Just start killing - Fight 3 Punk Students
  3. Ignore them - Walk away

Avatar of Flame - only after Fiery Transformation

  1. Kill her - Fight Herald of Fire
  2. Try the Castor capsule (If you have one and have used the trick or treat note) - take damage, gain 20 XP Will
  3. Bow to her - Gain 20 XP Perception
  4. Jump in the way - Take damage, gain 4 XP Will
  5. Outrun them - Walk away

Bowl of Punch

  1. Take a drink - Gain 5 energy of Etheric and Sugar Rush each, and 2 Reflexes
  2. Steal the bowl - Gain strange punch; appears to remove this choice adventure
  3. Ignore it - Walk away

Bowl of Candy

  1. Take a few - Gain 2? of: peanut butter candy, candy eyeball, candy corn, mini caramel bar; triggers warm coin
  2. Steal the bowl - Gain candy bowl; triggers cool coin; appears to remove this choice adventure
  3. Leave it - Walk away

Winged Tornado

  1. Jump in the way - fight Bat Swarm
  2. Find some fire - fight Bat Swarm OR drive them off with sufficient +fire power ; good coin act
  3. Leave him to his fate - unlock one instance of Bat Thing combat encounter
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