Halloween Petition



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2012

Initial Text

A student approaches you as you make your way across the Quad. "Excuse me, I hate to bother you because I'm pretty sure you don't actually go here, but I was looking for some people to help us collect signatures for a petition."

She points towards the glass building at the north end of the Quad. "We want the university to open up the Art Museum for Halloween. They won't accept signatures for anyone who isn't… you know, paying to go here, but if you could help us out, I might be able to swing you some tickets."

She adds "I'm the event coordinator" with a tone that suggests a sense of great weight more than a source of pride.

Summary of Choices

  1. I'll help - gain halloween museum petition
  2. Not right now - Removes encounter for the day

Choice Text and Results

I'll help

"Thanks for your help!" She smiles and hands you the stack of petitions on a clipboard.

"Just get as many as you can. Remember, students only!"

You found: halloween museum petition

Not right now

"Hmmm, okay. Well, think about it. I'll ask you again tomorrow if you change your mind."

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