Halloween Rewards

Halloween Fundraisers

Every year, Jess (or Emily) raise funds for the Halloween party — see Halloween Fundraisers for the full list.

Novelty item Storybook Decals Souvenir
2011 novelty switchblade scary storybook skeleton decal kit headstone ticket
2012 novelty axe Stories at an Exhibition spider decal kit creepy charcoal sketch
2013 magical princess dress book of sculptures crazy pumpkin decal kit art museum model
2014 magical princess wand spooky datareader snake decal kit art museum model
2015 motivational tombstone memos from the crypt brutish pumpkin decal kit pinata plans

Faction Rewards

From 2010-2012, and 2014-2015, the Halloween rewards all follow a pattern of a bunch of consumable items (Theorized to be the square root of the number of times you've helped your most favored faction), and one piece of equipment (After reaching a certain threshold of helping).
University Hipsters Frats Punks Security
Consumable Equipment Consumable Equipment Consumable Equipment Consumable Equipment Consumable Equipment
2010 candy bricks STAFF shirt Emerald lollipop Emerald Gift doll hard pumpkin cider wreath of laurels explosive candy anarchist crowbar candy bullets Halloween security badge 1
2011 candy bricks Emerald Gift STAFF shirt marshmallow bat Emerald pimp hat N/A explosive candy scarred crowbar candy bullets deputy badge
2012 candy bricks museum STAFF shirt marshmallow bat emerald toga N/A explosive candy inartistic crowbar N/A
2014 candy bricks building hammer marshmallow bat regifted toga N/A explosive candy shiny crowbar candy bullets official Midgard Security cap
2015 N/A marshmallow bat bloodied crystal candy cherries honorary Omega pin explosive candy charred crowbar candy bullets party security badge

Halloween 2009 was a bit simpler:

Halloween 2013 let players support up to two factions at once:
Guards Punks Workers
Guards ???
candy bricks
dorm security badge
Punks ???
extremely gummy pumpkins(?)
stressed crowbar
extremely gummy pumpkins
ceremonial sledge
Workers candy bricks
dorm security badge
extremely gummy pumpkins
ceremonial sledge

The missing combinations probably would have gave unique equipment (as can be evidenced by the gaps in item IDs 1969 & 1971+1972), but no one seems to have received those items.

Donor Rewards

Starting with Halloween 2011, raising a certain number of credits (exact amount unknown) netted players a special item at the end of the Halloween season:
2011 jack o' lantern projector
2012 cute eyepatch
2013 cute eyepatch
2014 costume pirate hat
2015 toy cutlass

In 2010, whoever raised the most funds for Emerald Gift on a given day received an Emerald Gift ticket and a fundraising ribbon.

Starting with Halloween 2011, the top donors for any of the various donation causes received an extra-special item at the end of the Halloween season:
2011 Jess's ribbon
2012 museum fundraising ribbon
2013 statue fundraising ribbon
2014 collectible fundraising ribbon
2015 Oldtown fundraising ribbon

1: Speculative. Only known instance was found through an item creation bug, then destroyed.

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