Halloween Setup 2009


Occurred at Metroplex U during Halloween 2009

Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
Swarm-of-Bats100.jpg BAT SWARM You find your way to a section of long hallway, deep within the dorm, with one obstructed window providing the only real light. Dark shapes scurry over the window, but you can't quit make out what they are.

As you peer closer, the dark shapes explode into a swarm of dark, flitting shapes pouring down the hallway towards you.
Fake-Skeleton.jpg HANGING SKELETON As you round a corner, there's a great clatter and you're struck in the face by something sharp and cold. As you catch your bearings, you discover that a skeleton, rimed with frost, hangs from nearby rafters.

You watch as it creaks from side to side, staring at you with its vacant eyes. At some level, you know it's a Halloween prop… you can almost see the wires connecting its bones.

Then something snaps, perhaps one of the wires or perhaps something deep in your mind, and the skeleton lashes out at you with a frigid claw.
trashgolem.jpg TRASH GOLEM You reach over and calmly pull a pin out of the scaffolding. The building shakes with a roar as the scaffolding comes rushing down at you.

You take 5 damage.

Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Party Status Gain 4 XP in Will, find out party status

Choice Encounters

Frat Leader

  1. Strike up a conversation - (Only if you've helped him with the barrel)(I never did and still had this option. I helped out a drunken punk, though.
    1. Fill me in - Unlocks alcohol spiking plan
    2. I'd rather die - (Only if you've been helping the party organizers) ?
    3. Yeah, no thanks - ?
  2. Help with the barrel - 3 XP Strength, unlock above conversation
  3. Leave him be - Walk Away

Back Door Barrels

  1. Haul one up - help party organizers
  2. Spike one with Grain Alcohol - (Only if you've heard the frat plan) Lose grain alcohol, helps frats
  3. Spike one with Rum - (Only if you've heard the frat plan) Lose rum flask, helps frats
  4. Spike one with Whiskey - (Only if you've heard the frat plan) Lose whiskey bottle, helps frats
  5. Add an Eclipse - (Only if you've heard about the art student's plan) lose Eclipse, help art student's friends
  6. Add liquified Eclipse - (Only if you've heard about the Eclipse plan) lose liquified Eclipse, help Eclipse plotters
  7. Add a handful of Eclipse - (Only if you've heard about the Eclipse plan) lose 25 Eclipse, help Eclipse plotters
  8. Ignore them - Walk away

Party Organizer

  1. Head up to chat
    1. Offer to help - Tells you to go around and look for something to help with
    2. Offer money
      1. Buy some decorations - lose 10 credits, help party organizers
      2. Pitch in for candy - lose 50 credits, help party organizers
      3. Fund a barrel of punch - lose 300 credits, help party organizers
      4. Spring for the skeleton - lose 2,500 credits, get skeleton later, help party organizers a lot?
      5. Help some other way - Tells you to go around and look for something to help with
      6. Make your excuses - ?
    3. Warn her about the frats - (Only after hearing the frat plan)
    4. Waste her time - ?
    5. Bail out - Walk away
  2. Distract her - Sabotage stuff
  3. Leave her be - Walk away


  1. Pitch in - Gain 3 XP in Strength, help party organizers?
  2. Weld it with polysteel - lose one polysteel, Gain 3 XP each in Will and Perception, help party organizers more?
  3. Pull some pins - Gain 3 XP Reflexes or (while etheric) take 5-9 damage and fight a Trash Golem, help frats
  4. Leave them be - Walk away

Disruptive Punk

  1. Go for violence - Fight a Punk Student
  2. Back him up - Gain 3 XP in Will
  3. Try to chat - (Only if you've backed him up)
    1. You need to leave - Says he's not going to leave
      1. Alright, you asked for it - Fight Punk Student?
      2. Spike the punch instead - (Only after hearing the frat plan) unlock Punch Spiking Punk
      3. Alright, fine - Walk away
    2. Pitch the frat plan - (Only after hearing the frat plan) unlock Punch Spiking Punk
    3. Pitch the Eclipse Plan - (Only after hearing the Eclipse plan) Unlock Stairway Punk
    4. Nevermind - Walk away
  4. Just ignore it - Walk away

Punch Spiking Punk

  1. Throw down - fight a Punk Student?
  2. Help him out - Help with alcohol spiking plan
  3. Walk away - Nothing

Broken Skeleton (Only when not etheric)

  1. Work on the motor - Gain 3 XP Perception, help party organizers?
  2. Rebuild the motor - Gain 5 XP Perception, lose electronics components, help party organizers more?
  3. Dismantle the skeleton - Gain 3 XP in Strength, gain 4? Polysteel
  4. Sabotage it - Gain 3 XP in Reflexes
  5. Leave it be - Walk away

Window Streamers (Only when not etheric)

  1. Finish up - 3 XP in Will, help party organizers
  2. Tear it down - Gain 3 XP in Will, gain 5 x Paper Mache
  3. Leave - Walk away

Stairway Punk (A disruptive punk needs to be told about the Eclipse plans)

  1. Give him a fight - Fight Punk Student
  2. Distract them - Lets the punk do something, probably slip Eclipse into barrels of punch.
  3. Follow his gaze - Nothing OR (if etheric) Fight two Twisted Hounds
  4. Ignore the scene - Walk away

Babbling Punks (condition?)

  1. Join the audience - ?
  2. Join the act - ?
  3. Berate the volunteers - ?
  4. Kill some crazies - ?
  5. Leave them be - probably Walk away
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