Halloween Skeleton


Image skull25.jpg
Description This is a skeleton designed as a Halloween decoration. It's not quite anatomically correct, but it will drop from the ceiling and make spooky noises.
Type Furniture
Use You clear out some space and install the skeleton back at your place. It's a shame you don't have more guests, you could probably give them quite a shock.
(becomes "Dropping Skeleton")
Effects See below


Purchased from the Party Organizer, Halloween 2009


First time per day:

You drop the skeleton a couple times, remembering the Metroplex U Halloween Bash. It was the first since Eclipse hit the streets and somebody slipped a ton of it into the punch.

And, second paragraph is:

You somehow doubt anyone's going to forget that party.

Or with a Jack o'lantern installed:

The flickering light of your jack o' lantern reflects menacingly on the skeleton.

Or with both a jack o'lantern and jack o'lantern projector installed:

Your jack o' lanterns reflect their menacing light off the skeleton.

<Message for having some Halloween decals. Gain 5 extra energy for each type of decals, maximum 30 energy total>

You've gained 20+X energy of Halloween Spirit.

Unless you've already used a University Jack O Lantern today:

You admire your skeleton, but you're pretty well Halloween'd already.

Subsequent uses:

You drop the skeleton again. Good times… good times.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg 2 handfuls of circuit fragments
GoldCoins.jpg .20 Curiosities


* Gave 40 energy during the Halloween 2010 period.

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