Halloween Spirit


Image Pumpkin-Bucket25.jpg
Description You're filled with the halloween spirit, on the lookout for candy and scares.
Effects +2 Etheric Power
+2 Perception


Adventuring at the party for Halloween 2009 (10 energy (what encounter??))
Eating candy corn (5 energy)
Eating marshmallow bat (5 energy + 1 * Eclipse duration)
Eating crunchy spider
Eating sugar bone (40 energy)
Eating candy bone (10 energy, 2 Hunger)
Eating skullbreaker (20 energy; 3 Hunger)
Eating obligatory candy (5 energy; 1 Hunger)
Eating gummy scarab (15 energy; 2 Hunger)
Eating pumpkin lollipop (5 energy for 1 Hunger)
Eating spun sugar bone (20 energy; 2 Hunger)

Hanging out at the Emerald Gift Party for Halloween 2010 (pumpkin encounter)
Drinking pumpkin microbrew (20 energy, 1 Body)
Drinking bone wine (20 energy, 4 Body)
Drinking mislabeled wine (20 energy, 3 Body)
Drinking bottled Halloween (40 energy, 3 Body)

Using a Halloween skeleton (20 energy + 5 with Skeleton Decal Kit)
Using a Jack O' Lantern (20 energy + 5 with skeleton decal kit)
Using a candy bowl (20 energy).
Using a buried bowl (20 energy).
Using a candy storage bowl (20 energy).
(other bowls)

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