Hallowine Pumpkin



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

In a break between the trees, you find a table set with a pumpkin. It seems rather Halloweeny, but the chilled bottles of wine in the pumpkin definitely take it to the next level.

Nearby a collection of men in elaborate costumes surround a side table covered in glasses of even more wine.

Summary of Choices

  1. Grab a glass - gain 20 duration of Wine Buzz
  2. Add some liquified Eclipse - unlocks Solar Attendee fight later
  3. Rush in - fight Solar Attendee
  4. Grab the bottles - gain 2-3 of blood wine, bone wine
  5. Examine the pumpkin - gain 25 Halloween Spirit, or if Etheric and at 100+ turns of Halloween Spirit: fight The Pumpkin King and 2 Unkindness of Ravens
  6. Leave them be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Grab a glass

You grab a glass of wine. It goes down surprisingly smoothly… or maybe things are just better when you're not drinking them by the bottle

You've gained 20 duration of Wine Buzz.

Add some liquified Eclipse


You slip a vial of liquified Eclipse into one of the wine glasses. A man among the partygoers eventually drinks it, murmuring something that sounds like "this tastes… like blood" as he wanders off.

Rush in

You charge in. Most of the partygoers scatter, but one pulls up his cane like a baseball bat. He seems confident, almost eager, to join the fight. Then again, he probably doesn't know how it's going to end up.

(Fight Solar Attendee)

Grab the bottles

You wait until none of the partygoers are looking, then help yourself to the bottles left in the pumpkin.

You found: 2-3 of blood wine, bone wine

Examine the pumpkin

You stare at the pumpkin. It's strange to see actual pumpkins around, rather than the artificial kind.

If you were really in the right mindset, you could probably convince yourself it could spring back to life.

You've gained 25 duration of Halloween Spirit.

Or, while etheric with at least 100 duration of Halloween Spirit:

You approach the table, staring at the pumpkin.

As your focus narrows in on it, the pumpkin seems to tremble, giving you a moment of pause. The table shatters beneath it, folding into a gnarled wooden body still draped with the tablecloth.

It uses its jagged fingers to carve a face for itself, smiling down at you with it's mad grin as it open its robes, filling the air with croaking ravens.

(Lose 100 duration of Halloween Spirit. Fight Unkindness of Ravens, The Pumpkin King, Unkindness of Ravens)

Leave them be

You leave the revelers to their wine.

(Walk Away)

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