Hammer Weapon

Hammers are melee weapons.

List of Hammers

Item MP Other Bonuses Type
battered hammer 4
building hammer 4 +8 Will
ceremonial sledge 8 +2 Morale Sledgehammer
gnawed hammer 4 +4 Etheric Defense, +2 Morale
Halloween hammer 6 +6 Etheric Defense
the Hammer's Sledge 5 +3 Strength
-3 Stealth Power


Enhances Hammer Strike
Enhances Stake
Allows entry to the Boiler Room (Sledgehammers only)
Allows entry to the Midgard Warehouse office (Sledgehammers only)
Halloween 2013: Improves wall destruction in the Hollow Dorms (Sledgehammers only)

Used by (opponents)

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