Handcoded Eye


Image enthusiasteye.jpg
Type Defensive System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense ≥ 1* You crash the eye while it reports your attack. 1+[unsubtle generated by batch] 1 XP, remove routine
Offense ≥ 1* You crash the watching program before it's even able to report your attack. 0 1 XP, remove routine
View ≥ 1 The eye seems to be a basic Watch, designed to record your activities and see if they're dangerous. It can't hurt you, but someone designed it by hand, so they probably have something else up their sleeve somewhere. ?
The eye passively watches your commands. ?

* If you use Brute Strike (or maybe Manual Search or Direct Command), the eye always reports your attack. Otherwise, it has approximately a [30% - Incognito * 5%] chance of reporting your attack (see discussion).

Active Responses

Every round, you also get:

(If you used Brute Strike, Manual Search or Direct Command: )

The system's baleful eye focuses its attention on you.

(+2 Unsubtle)

(If you reconnected)

The system's baleful eye focuses on you as though it's waiting for something.

(+2 Unsubtle)

(Otherwise, if you generated any alert?)

The system's baleful eye turns towards you.

(+1 Unsubtle)


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