Handcoded Shield


Image enthusiastshield.jpg
Type Defensive System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Any Brute Strike The shield sends an alarm pulse throughout the system. That can't be good. 4
Offense ≥ 1 You shatter the shield quickly, but not before it can shriek out an alarm. 4 Gain 1 XP, removes routine
Offense ≥ 1 You shatter the shield quickly, before it can shriek out an alarm. 2 Gain 2 XP, removes routine
Command ≥ 1 You test out some commands, but the shield really only seems to understand passwords. ?
View ≥ 1 Someone apparently decided Novos's standard password lock wasn't good enough for them and recoded the entire thing from scratch. Either that or there's a class assignment where they have to do the same thing, which might make more sense.

In any case, this passive defense shouldn't try to hurt you at all, but will block your progress until you can find some way to bring it down.
The shield monitors your batch, but doesn't intervene. 0

Active Responses

Each round, the shield blocks all Brute Strikes used:

The handcoded shield blocks your brute force attempt.

(+3 Unsubtle)

  • Blocks it even if following a fractal function.
  • Effectively gives +2 additional Unsubtle since it blocks the +1 from Brute Strike too.
  • If you used more than one Brute Strike, the above line is repeated with additional unsubtle for each one.


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