Happy Art Student



Encounter Conditions

Only after helping him in the Open Computer Lab

Initial Text

The hip student you helped complete his assignments earlier flags you down. "Hey, thanks for your help! Have a seat! Take a load off!"

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk computers - Says Professor Evans wants to see "whoever did the work for him", even though he gave him an A.
  2. Talk Eclipse
    1. I've got some - (Only with crate of Eclipse in inventory) Gives you the option to sell it, give it, or back out. If you give it, he calls it "Christmas, Metroplex Day, and my birthday all rolled into one" and says you're made of "pure awesomium". Activates Cool Coin.
      1. It'll cost, of course
      2. Here you go, my treat
      3. I'll think about it - Nothing
    2. Ask about his art - Gives you an abstract sketch (sometimes)
    3. Ask about the Happy Hour - Get 1 Eclipse
    4. Leave him to his hallucinations - Nothing
  3. Talk art - Talks about the art museum getting closed down for repairs after the ghoul artist fiasco.
  4. Talk poetry - Refers you to his buddy Dave on the Quad or get 4 XP Will after mocking Dave.
  5. Talk Halloween - Discuss the events of Halloween
  6. Talk cheatsheets - Trade student cheatsheets for a fresh cred chip With student cheatsheets in inventory
  7. Make excuses - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Talk computers

He nods excitedly. "Yeah! I totally got an A in that class, thanks to you. Weird thing, though…"

"So, I handed my projects in to Prof Evans and he said that whoever did the work did a good job and that I should send them over. Still gave me an A, though. Weird, huh?"

Talk Eclipse

He nods eagerly. "Awww yeah, Eclipse. It's my favorite topic. They should let you major in it. I'd totally have graduated already."

"Heh, I use it a lot to, you know, get new ideas for my art. Pretty crazy stuff… you know, crazy dogs and shadows that talk. And it's way cheaper than everything else ever. The Third Eye sell it at a couple credits a dose."

"Yeah, it's a good time. Good time." He stares off into space for a bit, but it looks like you could jar him back easily enough.

I've got some

"Really? You've got some?" he glances around fretfully, although he seems to be looking at other addicts more than keeping an eye out for cops. "Yeah, that'd be… wow."

It'll cost, of course

He nods eagerly. "Awesome! This is a lot of muse lubricant, if you know what I mean."

He accepts the crate and beams over fifty credits. "You're the best! Helping with assignments, scoring me Eclipse. You're like the Vigilante, only with being awesome instead of fighting crime!"

You gained 50 credits!

Here you go, my treat

He rocks back in shock. "Wow, really? For free?"

"It's like Christmas, Metroplex Day, and my birthday all rolled into one. You… are made of pure awesomium. That's the only possible answer."

I'll think about it

See Walk Away

Ask about his art

(First time per day)

He waits for a moment, staring past your shoulder at something going on in the kitchen. "Those trash things man, I tell you. Not sanitary."

"Yeah, I got some great stuff. Actually, I even have one you inspired. The profs won't like it anyway, so here you go. Take it."

He hands you a pencil sketch… well, a piece of paper covered in strange patterns of pencil lines. It's hard to say what inspired it.

You found: abstract sketch


He leans back against the wall, staring up into space. "Yeah, hope you liked your sketch. It seems like right away after I take my breakfast Eclipse, I always get a really good one."

He shakes his head sadly. "The teachers never appreciate real art, you know? The kind that really gets your emotions moving… ah well."

Ask about the Happy Hour

He surveys the room and nods. "Yeah, the Happy Hour is pretty much my favorite place near campus. The Third Eye always make sure there's cheap Eclipse and plenty of booze. I'm mostly just here for the Eclipse, but whatever. It's cool either way."

He pulls out a giant pouch of Eclipse, as though to demonstrate his point, and hands one to you.

You found: Eclipse.jpg Eclipse

(otherwise, after giving him a crate of eclipse, if you do not already have these recipes)

He raises an over/under to you, then slams it. "The Happy Hour, man. They make the best… everything. You're the greatest. Really, the greatest. The best there is."

He slumps over against the wall a bit… Apparently that went straight to his head. "No, no, it's cool. I just invented a new… awesome. You should try it."

"So, you get some filters, like from a chemistry kit, you know? They sell 'em at the bookstore. So, yeah, dunk an Eclipse in one of the over/unders, right? Then you filter it out. It'll be kinda sweet."

He leans closer, almost plowing into you in his drunken state. "Then, you let the Eclipse sit for a while and do it with another one. You'll get these cool crystals on the outside and it's like… candy… but Eclipse."

You've learned a new chemistry recipe: Sugary Eclipse - Carefully filter an Eclipse through two Over/Unders from the Happy Hour


"Yeah, it's pretty much the best place ever," he nods sagely. "The Eclipse flows like… booze and the booze flows like water. It's pretty intense."

He looks at you cagily for a second. "Hey, I'm not the poet, c'mon. I draw, right?"

"Anyway, you helped me out, I help you out. Here's my big secret to surviving in here: Eclipse Whiskey. Best thing anybody ever thought to do with whiskey. Can't drink it… can't break the bottle and shank a drunk guy… not that I'd do that. I just watch the Third Eye all the time. They love broken beer bottles."

He shakes his head as if to clear it. "So yeah, you'll need a good chemistry kit with a bunsen burner and stuff. Those things rule, as a side note. For a project last year, I totally just handed in my doodles from chemistry class with a bunch of bunsen burners."

"Sorry, yeah, anyway. So you totally heat up the whiskey, right, then you dump like three tablets of Eclipse in and let it cook down for a while. The Eclipse'll dissolve and most of that awful whiskey taste'll go away."

He nods again. "Yup, it's pretty much the best thing ever."

You've learned a new quest recipe: Eclipse Whiskey - Heat a Bottle of Whiskey and dissolve three Eclipse in it

Leave him to his hallucinations

See Walk Away

Talk art

He blinks a couple times, as though surprised you're interested, and lets you steer the topic towards art. "Yeah, it's actually kind of a weird time for art on campus. You hear about the museum?"

He pauses for a second and leans forward conspiratorially. "Yeah, a while back… they had an exhibit by one of my classmates. Next big thing, they're thinking. Only he shows up with these crazy paintings… blood and hooked chains and cannibals… not that there's anything wrong with that. You know… sometimes you've gotta go over the edge."

"But, well, apparently some folks at the opening thought it was, uh, offensive. Big riot broke out. Two guys got killed by security guards. The inside of the museum got trashed."

"Anyway…" he leans back, looking a little more comfortable with the subject matter. "They're halfway done with the repairs and trying to find exhibits for the second floor."

Or, after the Art Museum has reopened, last paragraph changed to:

"Anyway…" he leans back, looking a little more comfortable with the subject matter. "They've got back all the old exhibits, but people say some things are… different."

Talk poetry

He shakes his head. "Naw, that's more my buddy Dave's thing. Head out to the Quad sometime. You can't miss him."

(After successfully mocking the Horrible Poet)

He chuckles. "Yeah, I totally saw you own my buddy Dave on the Quad. He's got his whole performance art thing goin', but you took it to a whole 'nother level."

You spend the next few minutes basking in honest praise and respect. It's… nice.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Or, after killing the Horrible Poet:

He shakes his head. "Naw, that was more my buddy Dave's thing. Shame about him getting killed… I heard Midgard Security's still looking for the killer."

He peers at you a bit through the dark club air. "What good are they, anyway?"

Talk Halloween

Talk cheatsheets

"Nope," he stretches out luxuriously, "I don't need any anymore. Thanks in no small part to you, of course."

"I can probably score some cred for one, though. Give me a second!"

He returns a few minutes later, having tracked down a friend taking that specific class and drops a chip in your hand. "Don't spend it all in one place, unless that place has good company and fine alcohol."

He glances around the room with exaggerated surprise, as though he's just realized he's found the place he's been looking for his entire life.

You found: fresh cred chip

Make excuses

See Walk Away

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