Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Hardening Bonuses

Offhand Items
+2 mascot adapter, patch support handheld
+5 coat of masterful circuitry
+3 coat of defensive circuitry
+2 coat of strange circuitry
+4 Fang PDA
+3 buffered TZR
+2 buffered learntop, buffered PDA, updated PDA
+1 hardened PDA, safety learntop
Novos Programs - requires a computer as gadget (processor, memory cost)
+2 inhuman defender (1,3), secured filter (1,2)
+1 filtered HUD manager (1,4), harvest defender (1,3), Midgard Protection Suite 2.0 (1,1), secure command script (1,2), secured indexer (1,2)
Oldos Programs - requires a computer as gadget (processor cost)
+2 Blackthorn Alpha (3), chaotic firewall (1), defensive jammer (1), Midgard protector (1), shining barrier (1), updating firewall (1)
+1 crystal tester (1), Midgard Protection Suite (1), software firewall (1), the Tar Pit (1)
+5 Trial Protection
+3 Inhuman Patching
+1 Antiviral Patching, Security Patched


Blocks Christmas Call encounter from occurring.

Routines (most of the following can be blocked by Defense as well):



For Oldos, attacks to Memory or Processor would be blocked by Hardening can be somewhat bypassed by piercing attacks.

Oldos PDAs used to have 5 times the hardening (eg. Fang PDA had 20, now 4). All values were reduced between May to July 2016.

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