Hardware Breaker


Image HardwareBreaker.jpg
Type Active defense

Responses to Targeted Batch

Function Message U Result
2-7 Offense The breaker not only doesn't fail, you don't think it even notices your attack. ?
Command The breaker not only doesn't respond, you don't think it even notices your command. ?
1 View It's not uncommon for computer systems to have basic hardening and physical defenses against electronic attacks. This design is a little more extreme, however, routing all of its communications through a breaker.

Basically, if it decides the system past it is under attack, it'll shut off all external connections. That will kick you off, sure, but it'll totally isolate the system.

It seems sort of like overkill.
The breaker doesn't respond to your batch. 0

Active Responses

Every round, if you used any Offence:

Condition Message U Result
Defense The hardware breaker doesn't trip. You suppose with that all or nothing design, they must have to give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes. Suckers. 0?
High Incognito? You slip your batch quietly past the hardware breaker. 0
Sometimes The hardware breaker trips on seeing <function>, cutting all connections to the system. Disconnect
Sometimes (nothing) 0


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