Harvest Crash Script


Image pumpkincode.jpg
Description There's something appropriately cinematic about throwing Halloween-themed attacks at people on the Net. It just seems like the sort of thing viewers would expect.

But, like so many other things, branding doesn't actually change the quality of the underlying product.
Type Program
Requires 1 Processor, 3 Memory
Functions lanternbomb.jpglanternbomb.jpgsweetcommand.jpgcrashscript.jpgbrutenovos.jpgdirectcommand.jpg


Brand a Remote Crash Script with the Harvester Library
Remote Crash Script Harvester Library
= Harvest Crash Script


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
computerchip.jpg This program cannot be decompiled.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.
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