Hassle Free Executive



Encounter Conditions

Only during Christmas 2009
Help the administrator in Executive Pursuit

Initial Text

The man you saved from those pursuing students is hurrying from one end of campus to the other, cutting through the Quad. He hasn't noticed you yet, but you could probably fall in next to him and strike up a conversation.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask about the students - something happens
  2. Ask about the carols - Unlocks "Ask about his security scan" (Only if you have Viral Carols active?)
  3. Ask about Halloween - something happens
  4. Ask about his security scan - Get security trial (Only if you have previously chosen "Ask about the carols')
  5. Leave him - something happens

Choice Text and Results

Ask about the students

He shakes his head sadly. "Yeah, those kids have been following me for quite a while… like I have some magic wand that I can use to change the board's mind! I'm not even on the damned board."

"Honestly, I'm glad they're here. They'd get eaten alive in the corporate world… to say nothing of the slums."

He stops for a long while, staring off into the distance. "Thank you again for helping me. We can't really stop them from building crazy, vile-looking snowmen, but the parents will eat us alive if we don't try." His eyes widen a bit as though he's just remembered something.

"Well, I should be going. Enjoy your stay at the university."

Ask about the carols

(Only if you have Viral Carols active?)

He sighs loudly. "Yeah, that's been running around this year. It was on my PDA for a while too, until I ran some security scans. That kicked it off. Even Midgard Defender wouldn't actually kill it, just keep it from infecting."

"The parents think it's a riot, of course. They have to deal with that stuff downtown all year long."

He leans in closer. "I'm afraid it'll jump over to the actual university systems. Do you want seventy computers in a lab playing 'Blessed is the OmniMall'? Because I sure don't."

"Ah well. Thanks for the hand the other day. Hopefully the carols doesn't bother you too much."

Ask about Halloween

"Ooof." He slumps over like a balloon with the air let out. "Well… that was a bad scene. Some of the students… and some outsiders… not the Third Eye, I heard some other gangs might be involved…"

He looks suspiciously into a passing crowd of students. "Anyway, they slipped a bunch of Eclipse in the punch. People thought they say some crazy things… in the panic, somebody started a fire."

"Midgard thankfully took control of the situation. The injured were taken to one of Midgard's private hospitals, not a credit charged to their parents."

He glances down at his PDA. "It'll be a while before the first are released… lots of skin replacement as I understand. And it looks like I have a meeting. Thanks for your help the other day. Enjoy your stay at Metroplex U!" He heads off towards the administrative buildings north of campus.

Ask about his security scan

(Only if you have previously chosen "Ask about the carols')

He looks confused for a second. "Oh yeah, here you go."

He beams over a trial version of some security software. "This is what they use downtown, apparently. On my salary though, I'm lucky they let me download the trial." He laughs a bit at his own expense.

"It does a pretty good job of taking care of those carols. Don't know what else it might be good for."

"Well, I'd better be going. Enjoy your stay!" He runs off towards his next meeting.

You found: security trial

Leave him

He passed by you with a polite nod.

See Walk Away


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