Haunted Forest


This is in the Downtown area.

This area counts as indoors, ???.

Resting here gives:

The party is in full force, but nobody really seems to notice you taking a rest off to the side.

You regain 30 hit points!

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
Eclipse.jpg party%20skulls.jpg
As you make your way through the swamp, the water beneath your feet bubbles organically, white shapes floating to the surface. When the first turns towards you, revealing its empty eyes and ghastly grin, it's a bit of a shock.

But it's nothing compared to the feeling as dozens of them float around you, murky water dripping as they rise into the air.
Eclipse.jpg real%20gargoyle.jpg
You pass a sculpture in the fog and hear the sound of grinding stone. When you turn, the statue has vanished into the mists.

Moments later, you can see it perched on a small structure, staring down at you.
A woman approaches through the forest, strange gems embedded in her twinkling like so many stars. She looks disgusted by you, somehow, as though your very existence is an offense to her.

The pistol hanging limply in her hand seems like an afterthought, but she seems to panic after staring at you for a moment, bringing the pistol to bear.
After an attendee gets a tainted apple at Bobbing for Apples
A man approaches you, cybernetic wings glimmering with golden light. He smiles, raising a cane, as though beating you to death would be sweeter than the finest wine. After spiking the wine at Hallowine Pumpkin
A man approaches you, cybernetic wings glimmering in the ballroom's dim light. He seems confused for a moment, moving the wings as though he's expecting them to lift him into the air, then smiles and raises a cane as an alternative. After spiking the wine at Hallowine Pumpkin, and some other condition?
An agitated man in a costume including massive cybernetic wings approaches you. He seems to have taken offense at something, because he takes a swing at you with his cane. After angering people? Stealing too much wine?
Eclipse.jpg rexzombie.jpg
As you pass through the forest, your splashing footsteps echoing off the trees, a massive skeletal form bursts from the water. Its roar leaves you transfixed as your conscious mind tries desperately to come up with an appropriate response to being attacked by a zombie dinosaur.

Probably running. Yeah, running sounds good, especially between these trees.

Gain 20 duration of Primeval Terror
While you haven't killed the dinosaur
A security guard, wearing a balaklava as what seems to be part of a failed ninja costume, pops out from between the trees, attempting to tackle you. When you sidestep the initial assault, he extends his baton with a tinny flick. After killing Mirrored Man
As you make your way through the party, a pair of guards leap out from either side. It was a pretty good ambush, but you can't help but think their costumes are going to their head a bit. After killing enough people?

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Candy Ambush Gain candy from various players
coffee.jpg? T-Rex Ambush 20 duration of Primeval Terror While you haven't killed the dinosaur
Eclipse.jpg? Fairly Convincing Swamp 15 duration of Halloween Spirit One time?
Mask Required Blocks you from entering the party unless properly attired

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Halloween Lobby

  1. Of course - Enter Haunted Forest
  2. No, sorry - walk away

Mirror Man

  1. Stop and chat - gain 1 of: candy corn, candy eyeball, mellow pumpkin, peanut butter candy
  2. Steal his candy - fight Mirrored Man, or with 7+ Stealth Power: gain candy and 3 XP Reflexes
  3. Jump him - fight Mirrored Man
  4. Leave him be - walk away

Hallowine Pumpkin

  1. Grab a glass - gain 20 duration of Wine Buzz
  2. Add some liquified Eclipse - unlocks Solar Attendee fight later
  3. Rush in - fight Solar Attendee
  4. Grab the bottles - gain 2-3 of blood wine, bone wine
  5. Examine the pumpkin - gain 25 Halloween Spirit, or if Etheric and at 100+ turns of Halloween Spirit: fight The Pumpkin King and 2 Unkindness of Ravens
  6. Leave them be - walk away

Bobbing for Apples

  1. Bob for apples - gain 2 energy, or gain 10 Etheric, 10 Sugar Rush and 5 XP Reflexes or nothing
  2. Encourage them - gain 50 Halloween Spirit, or unlock Masquerade Attendee fight later or nothing
  3. Charge in - fight Masquerade Attendee
  4. Leave it be - walk away

Forest Candy

  1. Take a few - gain 15 Halloween Spirit and 4-5 of candy corn, candy eyeball, mellow pumpkin, peanut butter candy, pumpkin lollipop
  2. Take the bowl - gain Silver candy bowl
  3. Distribute some - gain 8 XP Will, makes Candy Ambush available to other players
  4. Turn down candy - walk away, lose energy of Halloween Spirit?

You See A Gazebo

  1. Find some snacks - gain 2-3 canapes
  2. Just relax - gain 8 XP Will, unlocks Music of Ethereal Beauty (Only 100 Creds!)
  3. Leave it be - walk away

Music of Ethereal Beauty (Only 100 Creds!)

  1. Listen to the tunes - gain 25/50 of Silver Towers Serenade
  2. Find some snacks - gain 2-3 canapes
  3. Buy a track - gain Silver Towers track
  4. Rush the musicians - fight 2 Masquerade Security
  5. Leave them be - walk away

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