Haunted PDA


Image PDA.jpg
Description Someone's gone through and lovingly modified this PDA with a Halloween theme. Cartoonish ghosts float through an interface strung together with cobwebs. It randomly makes sounds, like knocking or dramatic screams.

And, just when you're used to the "spooky" theme, pale hands slam into the far side of the screen, leaving blood streaks down the display. Whoever put it together even equipped the PDA with haptic feedback so you can feel the jolt of the hand hitting.

Either that or it's actually haunted, but it's probably haptic feedback.
Type Gadget
Effects 3 Processor
3 Memory
+3 Etheric Defense


Halloween 2020 Rewards


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toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged. OR Salvageable but unknown result OR some item(s)
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