Hawk is a Third Eye member that will let you join the Third Eye if you hook them up with a supply of Eclipse. He is also one of several people who can give you the Problems on the Docks quest, and reward you for its completion.

Hawk can also start the Wandering Third Eye that ends with getting the Third Eye Technique


  • Become respected The Happy Hour by buying drinks for people or kicking ass.
  • Talk to the drunk Third Eye member.
  • Go to the VIP room and find Hawk.


1 - During University Quest
2 - After supplying them with Dr. Thomas's eclipse
3 - After finishing the Problems on the Docks and Waterfront Struggles(?) quest

Intro (During University Quest)

Hey, newb, welcome aboard.

I need you to release my friend(s)

When Dr. Thomas is willing to supply them:

Sorry, but our nuts are in a vise. We can't let anybody go without a new supply of Eclipse. Just not going to happen.

Okay (End of conversation)


Sorry about your friends, really I am. But… well, it's complicated.

The folks who get us Eclipse are the same ones that want those folks held, you see? And there just aren't any other sources for Eclipse.

I'd love to help, but our nuts are in a vise.

(End of conversation)

I can get your Eclipse

Alright. And this Thomas? She can get us the Eclipse?

Alright, done and done. I'll call the boys now and your friends'll be breathing fresh air in no time.

You've gained a new contact: David

You've gained a new contact: Lo

You've gained a new contact: Dr. Amundsen

(Contacts gained are those who you do not have, and who have not died.)

End of conversation

If Dr. Amundsen is the only contact you haven't rescued.

Alright, so this Thomas gets us Eclipse and we let your lady-friend go. Sounds good to me.

I'll call the boys. She'll be out in just a minute.

You've gained a new contact: Dr. Amundsen

(End of conversation)

If you haven't resolved the hostage situation in the Southside

Alright, sounds like a plan. Sorry about your lady-friend in the boiler room, but I'll sort out everything in Southside.

One call and it's done.

You've gained a new contact: David

You've gained a new contact: David (if you sent him after David)

(End of conversation)

I've got the Eclipse

Huh? Well, we don't really need the Eclipse anymore, do we?

Thanks to your theatrics, our suppliers decided that they need to take things into their own hands next time. But they're still keen on supplying us with Eclipse. Really, I couldn't hope for a better deal.

You should be glad that went down so well. I normally don't take kindly to infighting… but we'll chalk this one up to thinning the herd a bit.

Next time we make a deal, though, you stick to it.

After supplying them with Dr. Thomas' Eclipse

Hey, thanks for hooking us up with that Doctor Thomas. The Eclipse just never stops flowing, loving it!

Can you help downtown?

Prior to resolving Waterfront Struggles for the Third Eye:

We've got some folks downtown, might be able to help if you need anything. But I'd look around a bit and see if you can make yourself useful to them first.

Everybody wants to start downtown, but that's where shit gets scary: Mafia, Yakuza, Midgard, Zaibatsu, and all the other horsemen. You gotta start small before you can make it big.

After resolving Waterfront Struggles for the Third Eye:

If you're downtown and thinking about some more computer stuff, I heard we could use the help. Somebody at the Cellar Door got a file for the SD6 and we want it.

But files mean computer security and we're not getting through that. The crowd doesn't like us much their either. Stupid bastards want to be monsters so bad, they graft bits onto themselves rather than letting Eclipse do its work.

(Starts the Third Eye's Aid quest)

(If you've sided with The Families?)

Downtown's too hot. I'd love to help, but you've got all the wrong people's eyes on you.

Might be able to get them to help you out, though.

Here's the SD6 tool

Won't do us much good unless we can get to the data off of it. Luckily, a lot of the kids here like to talk about their parents' business.

I've heard Midgard locks down a lot of these PDAs with a program that'll only unlock if it's plugged in at one of their secure sites. Probably need a lot of access too.

Or whatever that is in computer talk.

(End of conversation)

Here's the SD6 patch

That's the one!

I'll have to have our folks take a serious look at this, but I've definitely seen some of this text before.

Oh, man. This is great!

You need help with something Downtown, you just let us know!

(End of conversation)

What's the SD6?

The SD6 is Midgard's newest spider drone. It specializes in commanding a lot of other, smaller spider drones.

Aside from being the stuff of nightmares, it had a rocky rollout. Big swanky Halloween party, but apparently some of them lost control of their baby spiders. People say there were fatalities. All hush hush, of course.

But they released a patch and everything's supposed to be good now. Our boss wants to see the patch, thinks there's stuff we can learn from it.

Dunno why exactly, but a lot of Midgard drones act hella weird when you can See, so probably tied into that.

(End of conversation)

What about monsters?

Shit's a bit above my level, but there's a lot more to Eclipse than the small timers handing it out think. They think it makes you see some weird shit. And they're right.

But some people can touch it too, even bring it back with them. The monsters in there can really hurt some people.

And when people take enough, some of 'em turn into monsters. I've met some that are real ugly. Mask central.

Some of the folks I've seen at Midgard makes me think the ugly ones aren't the scariest. Not even close.

So the moral of the story is the Cellar Door folks are fucking poseurs. They just need some Eclipse to show what's really inside them, not a bunch of polysteel strapped to them like a Halloween costume.

(End of conversation)

Check out this schedule

That's… perfect. With this, we should be able to kick those old bastards off the Docks once and for all.

Keep up the good work.

You gained 250 credits!


That… would have been helpful, but the Mafia are all over the Docks now. You're just too late.

Does Yggdrasil ring a bell?

Yggdrasil? Yeah, of course I've heard of it!

It's that social networking game… thing Midgard had a while back, when they thought they could stand toe to toe with Zaibatsu. You can probably guess how that turned out.

It was pretty popular here when I was going to school, though, because all the Midgard parents felt like they needed to get accounts for their kids. It bombed everywhere else, though.

  • Product placement? (Note: This was maybe a bug that was since fixed? Hawk doesn't mention product placement here. It doesn't show up initially; maybe you can unlock it. Keeping the message here for posterity.)
  • Remind you of Eclipse?
  • How about Sigmund?
  • Huh, cool, thanks (End of conversation)

Product Placement?

Oh, yeah, it was crazy. For classes they had stuff like Drone Engineer, god they were broken, and Soldier.

Engineer's drones were all standard Midgard drones. Like you started out with Hound Drones, then got Spiders after a while.

And the soldiers all had MK9s. This was right after the MK9 came out… I suppose I'm dating myself.

It actually got worse from there, because a lot of the lowlevel enemies were "Tweaks" that, I kid you not, looked like characters from Zaibatsu shows. Made for some good bossfights, though.

Actually, I kind of wonder if they still have the servers running… maybe I could log in my drone engineer and kill a bunch of Tweaks with my SD2.

Remind you of Eclipse?

I mean… maybe symbolically. Like both connect people and… open your eyes to fantastic vistas?

Sorry, I'm reaching here. It was basically a piece of software that created a linked network of blogs that was supposed to have a bunch of games layered over it.

The only one that really took off was the built-in one, Spacehammer or something like that, can't remember the name. It was kind of cool if you didn't mind the blatant product placement.

I think Yggdrasil was the one that got shut down because some hackers figured out it was distributing viral code. Now people just call that "marketing."

(End of conversation)

How about Sigmund?

Sigmund? I'm gonna guess you don't mean the lead singer of the Flaming Skulls.

I got to see them live once when they came through town. Lousy music, great pyro.

But yeah, other than that I've got nothing.

(End of conversation)

What should I do?/What else should I do?

Before asking about the docks:

Mission, eh?

Well, have to admit don't have much for you at the moment. Let me give it a bit more thought.

I'm sure you can do some good.

(End of conversation)

After asking about the docks:

Hmmmm… actually, I got a pretty good idea. You know how I was talking about the Docks?

We've got some serious issues down there. Crazy things, killing our guys. If you can clear that up… it'd be awesome.

On the way to lieutenant for sure, if you know what I mean.

(End of conversation)

After completing Problems on the Docks (first time):

Hot damn! I was just going to ask if you went to the Docks and… we've got guys there! Doing fine!

You did it! I totally believed in you. Here, take this. You earned it.

You found: personal focus

(End of conversation)


Can't think of anything. Just keep being awesome!

(End of conversation)

Tell me about the Third Eye

The Third Eye? Well, we just got together a few years ago, running some Bounce to the college kids. Took on the old gang here, the Hard Skulls. They're underground if you know what I mean.

Few months ago, guy came by, started giving us some Eclipse. Moved over to that. Hundred percent profit, you know?

What's the plan?

We're not doing anything special, no.

Just wanna keep the Eclipse flowing, see what we can do with it, you know. Other than that just, you know, expand.

Where do we work?

Right here around the U mostly. Got a couple guys up in Downtown too.

We're trying to expand into the docks too, with the Fangs gone. But our guys keep disappearing. It's bad news, whatever's going on down there.

(End of conversation)

(Or, after finishing Problems on the Docks)

We're right here around the U mostly, with some guys up in Downtown for good measure.

And now, we can even expand into the Docks. It's fantastic!

(Or, after finding out about the bribed guards(?) in Waterfront Struggles)

We're right here around the U mostly, with some guys up in Downtown for good measure.

And now we know why all our folks are disappearing on the Docks.

(Or, after siding with the Families in Waterfront Struggles)

We're right here around the U mostly, with some guys up in Downtown for good measure.

The Families have taken over the Docks, but we might still be able to contest them elsewhere.

Eclipse / Tell me about Eclipse

Eclipse… well, it's kind of crazy…

It's the big secret of the Third Eye, so don't start spreading it around. We get it, along with a couple other gangs, for free. Supposed to spread it around as much as we can. Probably trying to hook new users.

But here's the crazy thing… we experiment with it some right, sample the stock. Turns out you hallucinate, which I guess didn't surprise anyone.

But the stuff you hallucinate? It's still there when you come down.

(End of conversation)

After finishing the Problems on the Docks quest:

Thanks for taking care of the Docks for us. I can almost smell the money rolling in. MMmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhh, yeah.

How about the Squatter King's son?

Huh. Yeah, we sent him down to the Slags. Hasn't turned up.

He was a tough sort, had a bit of talent. If you find him, he probably has something we want.

I've got it

Hey, so you do. Awesome news! With this, nobody's going to complain if I share a bit of the secret sauce with you.

Here's the deal: the Eye is more than just a gang symbol. When you're touching the ether, walk your mind from the outside to the inside. It's pretty basic, but every bit helps, right?

You've learned a new Skill: Third Eye Technique

(End of conversation)

Tell me more

The kid wanted in bad and didn't have as much street cred as you, so we sent him on a mission into the Slags. He was supposed to get a rock the Whi… the big boss wants.

Some kind of crazy metal or something. Gotta be bad news if it's in the Slags.

(begins Wandering Third Eye quest)
(End of conversation)

How's Oldtown?

Prior to completing Waterfront Struggles:

We've got some folks up there, but expanding is always a slog. Thankfully, we're new enough we haven't forgotten what it's like to fight.

If you have completed the Waterfront Struggles quest by siding with Hawk, first time:

Big M has whipped something up for us. I don't really… know what it does, but it sounds like you can install it on big earth-moving equipment.

They want to test it in Oldtown to help us control the… lemme check, one second…

The "BigDig"… apparently it's some OmniTech thing, but the software can get it up to spec and help the workers over there. And piss off the Mafia, because they think they're the only ones who are allowed to build anything.

Anyway, I'm not a computer guy. We don't really have a lot of computer guys kicking around, so if you feel up to some computing, getting this installed would be great.

You found: BigDig experimental file

(Starts Oldtown Installation quest; end of conversation)

Further times, before installing:

I'm not much of a computer guy, but if you can get that file loaded on the big drone, we'd all appreciate it.

(End of conversation)

Further times, after installing:

I heard the guys in Oldtown appreciate your work there. They have a little something they set aside for you, but I won't spoil the surprise.

(End of conversation)

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