Hawk Feather (Fight)

Encounter Conditions

See feathered cloak for details


You're not terribly surprised when the feather in your hand starts to crackle and spark with electricity, however, it quickly becomes a different matter when the feather starts floating up into the suddenly cloudy sky. Between bolts of lightning, you can see a massive form descending towards you.

It's easy to assume you're hallucinating, especially now that everything around you is the same roiling grey as the sky above. But the hallucination doesn't seem intent on ending before the form crashes into you from above and its ear-splitting shriek certainly sounds real enough.

(Fight a Storm Hawk)

If you win:

Moments after the hawk falls from the sky, the storm calms and your world returns to what passes for normal.

You found: jagged hawk talon (if you have a Myers sampling kit equipped)

If you lose:

Moments later, everything seems to return to normal. The hawk and storm both fade as though neither were ever there.

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