Headgear Testing

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(y = eyes protected. For Saber y = "So you're the one…", n = "he still flinches away from your gaze")

I think that Saber only responds to the lieutenant's shades (specifically because they were Shards).

Hat Perc Disco Pinata Saber MB HB
No hat n
abstract domino mask n
achromatic mask n
alien museum mask +3 n
Black Ops HUD n
black silver visor –6 y
black strands –4 y
blast visor –10 y
blindshot visor –6 y
bone mask
buried crown n
chained museum mask n
charred pimp hat n
cracked containment helmet n
containment helmet n n
coronation crown n
costume crown n
costume pirate hat n
crude skull mask n n
cute eyepatch n
crushed glasses
dashing hat n
devil mask n n
distorted wolfman mask n
Emerald Gift party hat n
emerald pimp hat
entertainment visor –2 y
examination glasses +2 n
fake skull mask +3 n
festival mask n n
festive knit hat n
fiery museum mask n
filtered HUD n
fireworks shades y
frigid scarf n
frosty top hat
gallery visor n n?
gas mask n
ghoulish crown n
giant paper mache head –4 y n?
glimmering HUD n
gold framed spectacles +2 n
guard helm –6 y y n
harvester mask n
HKGames helmet n
hungry ooze caul
heavy containment helmet n
immersive visor –10
infested containment helmet
inhuman mask
Integrated Rams helmet –2
investigator's hat
improved visor +3
knit cap
lab visor n
lieutenant's shades n y
loaner hardhat y
lucky cap
masquerade mask
Midgard cap +2 n
Midgard hardhat y
Midgard heavy helmet
mummy mask
navigator's glasses –2
nice shades +2 n
noir retro hat
nurse cap
official Midgard Security cap
old spectacles –2 n
OmniTech hardhat y
optical HUD
optical visor +4 n
ordinary scarf
owl's mask +3
paper mask
paramedic eyepiece
party mask n
passthrough visor n
pimp hat
pledge hat
polysteel mask n
ratty top hat
reactive mask n
rebreather mask
red-lensed goggles +4 n n
regal crown
reinforced surgical mask n
rubber mask
sailing cap
sea lord's crown
security visor +2 n
scarred silver mask
scuffed mining helmet y
shining glasses n n
shining mask
silk top hat
silver mask
slick shades –2 y
smoky glass visor –5 y
snowy santa cap
Stainless Skulls helmet n
steel mask n
surgeon's mask
survivors' origami crown
tactical goggles
the best helmet
trendy Midgard cap
twisted glasses n
twitch visor –10 y
unlucky cap n
Vigilante's mask n n
wolfman mask
wrapped museum mask
wreath of laurels
WildCats helmet –2 n
Cyberware Perc Disco Pinata Saber MB HB
glazed cybereyes –1 n
lowest bidder eyes +2 n
Effects Perc Disco Pinata Saber MB HB
Blurred Eyes –4 n
Clear Eyes +4
Clearest Eyes +6
Puzzle Sight
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