Helpful Mushroom Man



Encounter Conditions

You must also be on the Fang's Quest?

Initial Text

In the shadows, you see a gigantic mushroom… that seems to be watching the gangers with beady eyes. Whatever's going on the Eclipse is definitely getting to you.

The mushroom seems to notice you and motions you over with what looks like an arm. It points at itself, then the gangers on the right. Then it pauses, points at you and the two gangers on the left.

It looks over at you expectantly.

Summary of Choices

  1. Help him fight - Fight 2 Gang Enforcers, get extra drops if you win?
  2. Offer him trade - something happens
  3. Kill him - something happens
  4. Wander away - walk away?

Choice Text and Results

Help him fight

The mushroom nods in agreement, then moves surprisingly quickly into the groups left flank. He pulls away two as planned, while you move to engage the other two.

(Fight 2 Gang Enforcers)

If you win:
As you put down the last of the gangers, you see that mushroom person finish up his battle as well. He's injured, but the three he was fighting are dead, tiny mushrooms already sprouting from their flesh.

He leaves quickly, abandoning most of the gangers' possessions.

Get the loot from 4 gangers instead of 2?

If you lose

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Offer him trade

Something happens

Kill him

Something happens

Wander away

Walk Away?

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