Helping People See



Encounter Conditions

Only if etheric and on Dr. Thomas Quest, and have a crate of Eclipse in inventory

Initial Text

A strangely dressed girl bounces up to you in the back room. "Hellllllooo there! I'd help you see, but you can see already! Do you want to help other people see? People like seeing?"

If there's any questions she's out of her mind, she's loosely holding a tablet of Eclipse in one hand.

Summary of Choices

  1. Give her a crate - Lose a crate of Eclipse, progress in Dr. Thomas quest; triggers Cool Coin
  2. Sell her a crate - Lose a crate of Eclipse, gain a crate of explosives, progress in Dr. Thomas quest
  3. Leave - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Give her a crate

"Yay!" she jumps up and down, excitedly clapping her hands. "The dolls will go perfectly in my room! And it has Eclipse in it!"

The coin in your hand grows cool. (With unearthly coin equipped)

(You lose: crate of Eclipse)

Sell her a crate

"I've got just the thing!" she claps excitedly, then wanders off to another table. After a minute, she comes back and trades you another crate for the one you've been carrying.

"Crate exchange! Pass it on!"

You found: crate of explosives

(You lose: crate of Eclipse)


See Walk Away

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